Straight Talk for Women, with Suzanne Venker

Basically, if you want a good marriage and family, you better actually do something that produces that result — and from a young age, like 16. If you spent all your time and energy doing everything that is contrary to that result, it might not happen. Unfortunately, women can’t figure this out for themselves, untilContinue reading “Straight Talk for Women, with Suzanne Venker”

All Women (after age 26) are Like That

I estimate that about 20% of American women make good wives. Another 20% or so could have made good wives, but things didn’t work out. The median age of marriage today is about 28, but a woman who gets married at age 28 is often in a relationship with the man she will marry byContinue reading “All Women (after age 26) are Like That”

The “Family Wage”

Marriage and Civilization (2014), by William Tucker, is a worthwhile book for many reasons. Among them is a mention of something that I have not heard anywhere else — the “Family Wage” agreement. The “family wage” emerged in the late 19th century to allow women to withdraw from the workforce. To unregulated capitalism, men, women,Continue reading “The “Family Wage””

10 Things Every Wife Needs to Do For Her Husband

Mostly, husbands don’t need that much care. They can take care of themselves. Sometimes, women who want to be good wives go a little overboard in husband-care. That excess energy eventually goes into childcare. Nevertheless, this wife has the right idea, which is: Be productive. Do something beneficial to others.Don’t make problems. Don’t consume tooContinue reading “10 Things Every Wife Needs to Do For Her Husband”

Health Problems Among Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Children

If you start looking into what is actually in those vaccines, you soon find that they contain all kinds of unhealthy stuff, not really related to the vaccine itself. Thus, it should be no surprise that the result of injecting all kinds of unhealthy stuff into your babies is that they have all kinds ofContinue reading “Health Problems Among Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Children”

Wife of 25 Years Shares Her Wisdom

In the interest of providing good examples, here is a video from YT about “how to be a good wife.” Because, if you are not a good wife, then you are probably a bad wife, making some guy miserable for no good reason. I haven’t watched this video, but this woman is apparently a homeschoolingContinue reading “Wife of 25 Years Shares Her Wisdom”