Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man

Here’s legendary superbabe Ava Gardner (even today people call her the Most Beautiful Woman in the History of Hollywood) singing about loving one man for the rest of her days, from Show Boat (1951). Ava Gardner was an actress, not a singer, which is why she was dubbed by Annette Warren. But, here is Gardner’sContinue reading “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man”

I Wake Up At 6am And Make My Hubby Breakfast

Here we are in 2022, and apparently, for a married mother of three to actually get out of bed, and actually feed her family, is news. This is apparently a disturbing development for feminist types, who also get up at 6am, and also make breakfast and clean, before heading off to work all day. ThisContinue reading “I Wake Up At 6am And Make My Hubby Breakfast”

Places For Virgins To Find a Husband

So, I looked for dating sites and apps specifically for virgins (especially virgin women) to find a spouse for marriage, perhaps in a timeframe of about six months. A search turned up two sites:, and Both were started around 2010-2011. Both no longer exist. Here is a list of “Best Dating Sites forContinue reading “Places For Virgins To Find a Husband”

The Culture of the Single Millennial

This item on “The Culture of the Single Millennial” was good, although I think the situation is somewhat worse than presented here. That’s why I think that incremental changes won’t work, and people will have to basically do things completely differently. Read: The Culture of the Single Millennial One of the problems is: The goalContinue reading “The Culture of the Single Millennial”

Plant the Flag with the Family

I was at a party talking with a better sort of girl. Yes, they do exist. In 2021, she graduated from a Christian college in Manhattan. She was planning to return to her hometown in Georgia. After a few inquiries, I gathered that the main motivation was to meet up with her boyfriend — presumably,Continue reading “Plant the Flag with the Family”