Can’t Find a Good Man

We’re hearing more of the “can’t find a good man” line from women these days — mostly, women over 27yo. What were they doing during their decade of prime marriageability, attractiveness, and fertility, ages 16-25? What would these 30+yo women do if they found a good man, today? Would they be Good Wives and GoodContinue reading “Can’t Find a Good Man”

Matriarchy Doesn’t Exist (April 2021 edition)

From “Sorcha Faal“: “[W]oke leftist political leaders of NATO member Norway gave full command of their newest multi-million dollar warship KNM Helge to an all-female crew, that promptly sunk this vessel because its female officers “made crude, almost incomprehensible human errors, making them look like amateurs”—that was followed by Biden ordering nuclear weapons capable B1-B stealth bombers to Norway to threatenContinue reading “Matriarchy Doesn’t Exist (April 2021 edition)”