The Discontented Woman (1896)

We today tend to ascribe our sorry state of affairs to the feminist movement of the 1960s. But, the poisons of feminism have been around a lot longer than that. Today’s essay is The Discontented Woman, written in 1896 by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr. An online source is here. But, I am going to putContinue reading “The Discontented Woman (1896)”

Duties of the Young Wife #6: Self-Education

The Young Wife, in our model, perhaps age 18-23 and not yet with children, does not go to college. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t educate herself. Self-education, as a subset of self-improvement, should be a theme throughout her life, but especially in the early years. The Young Wife should remember that she will beContinue reading “Duties of the Young Wife #6: Self-Education”

Duties of the Young Wife #5: Lookin’ Good

I’ve said it before, but it needs to be said again: the Young Wife should be slim and attractive, just as she was before getting married. Mostly, this means diet and exercise. By “diet” I mean food quality, not quantity. Calorie counting is not necessary. Eat when you are hungry, within reason. “Quality” means whatContinue reading “Duties of the Young Wife #5: Lookin’ Good”

Duties of the Young Wife #4: Home Economics

We continue with our Duties of the Young Wife: the things that a young woman should do immediately upon becoming a wife. We will assume that this Young Wife is a stay-at-home wife who does not yet have children. Another major duty of the Young Wife is “home economics,” or what might also be called:Continue reading “Duties of the Young Wife #4: Home Economics”