Barnyard Animal from 1000 Years Ago Explains how to Manage 50 Wives

Introduction, The Thousand and One Nights, circa 1000 AD. On the following morning, the merchant and his wife went to the bull’s crib, and sat down there; and the driver came, and took out the bull; and when the bull saw his master, he shook his tail, and showed his alacrity by sounds and actions,Continue reading “Barnyard Animal from 1000 Years Ago Explains how to Manage 50 Wives”

Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development

The psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg created a model of “stages of moral development” that remains useful. He was later criticized as creating a model of specifically male moral development — which is probably true. It illustrates the thinking process of advanced (not all) males. Kohlberg found that no women advanced beyond the third “conventional” stage: itContinue reading “Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development”

Mental Health and the Men Are Pigs Project

Miles Mathis weighs in on the difficulties facing young women today, and what to do about it. The highest and most shocking number is for under-30 white liberal women: 56.3% of them report mental illness! While conservative women report less than half that, 27.3%. Why is this? In short, I have shown you that women andContinue reading “Mental Health and the Men Are Pigs Project”

My Money, My Choice

We must move beyond just complaining about the present situation, and start developing alternatives. One such proposal is “My Money, My Choice,” presented by comedian Dave Chapelle. Basically, this means that financial child support is optional. If an unmarried woman gets pregnant, the biological father may or may not give her money, depending entirely onContinue reading “My Money, My Choice”