Don’t Tell Women That “Marriage Is Dead”

There are good reasons for men to avoid marriage these days, but still, you should never tell women that “marriage is dead.” This is because women do what you tell them to do. They really don’t have much analytical ability, so they have to, by default, go by the guidance of others. If you tellContinue reading “Don’t Tell Women That “Marriage Is Dead””

How To Be A Wonderful Rich Guy’s Wife

The challenges of being a rich guy’s wife are a little different than for the middle class. All you have to do is follow the gossip mags to find many, many examples of terrible wives of rich guys. But, this also means that there is a very, very small population of good wives for richContinue reading “How To Be A Wonderful Rich Guy’s Wife”

Men are Builders of Civilization

Humans lived in mud huts for tens of thousands of years. Then, Something Happened. Men built Civilization. Here is a comment from “Elspeth,” a woman: Men are the builders of stable civilizations; women can’t do it. We can only help create functioning societies inside of the framework of what men build. If the men areContinue reading “Men are Builders of Civilization”

Traditional Dating

Recently, I was rereading, with new appreciation, Courtship in Crisis: The Case For Traditional Dating by Thomas Umstadt Jr. Among other things, it is a chronicle of the failures of Modern Courtship over the past thirty years. Since I am promoting Courtship around here, we also want to avoid all the problems of Modern Courtship.Continue reading “Traditional Dating”