The Hearth and Plow


Marriage and Family

Forming Tribes

What’s going on here? From a man’s point of view, this is just personal opinion. Some men like Bettys, and others like Veronicas. From a woman’s point of view, it is confusion. A woman wants to know what is expected of her, in “her tribe.” For a long time, this “tribe” was society as aContinue reading “Forming Tribes”

Julianna Reaches 27

“Julianna,” who we saw back when she was a 19yo dream babe and “never been kissed,” is now 27 and still a virgin. Good for her, but something is definitely wrong when someone who is, let’s say, in the top 2% of wifey girls is not married. You would think that, with most men stillContinue reading “Julianna Reaches 27”

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