My Husband Doesn’t Help Around the House

Fuck yeah he doesn’t. That is your job, not his. Are you some kind of invalid? Do you need “help” to do the laundry or vacuum? When he comes home from work, it should all be done. Get to work, bitch! Men do typically work around the house. Mostly, this is repair and maintenance, andContinue reading “My Husband Doesn’t Help Around the House”

Looking Good in your 50s

A woman in her mid-50s should not be prancing around Instagram in a bikini. She should be married for 30+ years, to the same man, enjoying some new grandchildren, and not have any social media accounts at all. She should be wearing age-appropriate clothing (somewhat matronly, well covered), but look fantastic wearing it. But, IContinue reading “Looking Good in your 50s”

Aristotle and Plato on the Ideal Age of Marriage

It is the universal assumption that the husband will be considerably older than the wife: Plato puts the age of marriage for the [p. 2.134]man at from 25 or 30 to 35, for the wife at from 16 to 20 (Legg. iv. p. 721; vi. pp. 772, 785), and he affixes penalties for the man who doesContinue reading “Aristotle and Plato on the Ideal Age of Marriage”