Being a Mom in Japan

Japanese women still have the healthy idea that having two working parents is strictly for poor people. Here is Moe, the “Kimono Mom,” taking it easy in Tokyo. She is known for her spectacular kimono and on-point hair and makeup, but here she is keeping house and being productive for the benefit of her husband and daughter. Naturally, this involves some serious cooking. Nobody needs to ask: “What do you bring to the table?” since it is so obvious. Not much goes on, but apparently I am not the only one who likes to see a 10/10 woman just being a mom and not wiggling her ass on TikTok — her YT channel now has more than a million subscribers.

But, since this is Kimono Mom (she was professionally trained as a Geisha), note how she wears her casual work shirt perfectly skewed way off the neck, in proper kimono fashion.

That is definitely pro level.

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