Looking Good in your 50s

A woman in her mid-50s should not be prancing around Instagram in a bikini. She should be married for 30+ years, to the same man, enjoying some new grandchildren, and not have any social media accounts at all. She should be wearing age-appropriate clothing (somewhat matronly, well covered), but look fantastic wearing it.

But, I think we can still give some appreciation for women in their 50s who are still looking good, especially those who avoid coloring their hair, using excessive makeup, or indulging in plastic surgery. If there was an award for Best Looking Woman In Her Fifites, we might have to give it to: former supermodel Paulina Porizkova, now Age 56. Nobody looks like this without effort, even former models. And if you were recently single, and you were formerly on magazine covers, and you looked like this, I can see why you might not want to keep it a secret. This is a very high standard to emulate, but I hope some women in their fifties will try.

And here she was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, February 1984:

For contrast, here is former Baywatch babe Yasmine Bleeth, Age 53, who now looks like most other American women the same age. She deserves no criticism for this, except perhaps for squandering her natural gifts. But, it shows what happens when you don’t make an effort.

Yasmine Bleeth looks dramatically different from 'Baywatch ...

Here’s a little montage of Yasmine way back when.

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