Build It and They Will Come

This is an interesting item by Helen Roy. And since Helen is a TradBabe (that is, she has options), and also a wife and new mother (don’t take advice from single women), and of the BigBrain subcategory, it has something worthwhile in it I think.

This is the basic landscape of dating in Hell World 2021, and most people in their courtship years are lonely, depressed, and frustrated by the whole thing. In seeking their political mirror image in women, conservative men see no one. In calling themselves conservative, no one seeks them. So, what can be done?

An implicit spiritual nationalism would take men much further in life and love without requiring them to explain their positions to women. Men must become the leaders on a personal and cultural level that they wish to see in the world, and should stop talking to women about politics in the way that most people understand politics (look what Nancy Pelosi said, etc). The men I’m talking to and about must turn their focus instead to the concrete aspects of life. Be builders. Build your body, your home, your garden, new networks, and business.

Women will inhabit the spaces that men build. By the same token, they will burn down a dilapidated house with you in it, especially if your only response to the crumbling walls is to whine, “Look at these crumbling walls! Imagine if our termites infested the neighbor’s house. Their walls would crumble harder.” Conservatives are the guys screaming at the crumbling walls. Parasites are more appealing by comparison.

If you actually start building a local world with high standards and natural hierarchies that you don’t have to languish at the bottom of, you will strengthen yourself spiritually, socially, and physically. This is what women want. …

So, again, we must transcend the superficial political order. The woman you’re looking for probably isn’t a tattoo-free, debt-free virgin, and she probably isn’t a policy wonk, either. That is to say, she may not be precisely like-minded. She may have some baggage. She may accept politically what her friends and employers compel her to. That’s actually probably okay for now, so long as the following is true. The real signal of a woman with the capacity to submit to a mission against the modern world is not political—it’s a vibe. Cultivate the eye for the Eternal Feminine (sweetness, softness, warmth, playfulness) above all. The true enemy of modernity is this essential, transcendent kindness, loveliness, and grace—not necessarily a shrewd financial sense. Of course, be prudent. Sexual and financial history matters. But do not be so prudent that you disqualify everyone with a past. Never forget that redemption and reconciliation is available to us all. Practically speaking, if you are building something good, she will follow, and eventually be convinced of the rest.

The only hope for women, socially submissive creatures, to recover en masse from the quiet tragedy of the modern world, is for men to seriously strike out on their own from the system that rewards women for dominating them. By freeing themselves from the oppressive bourgeois expectations of normie political life, men free women in turn to become who they are. This will be a self-evident reward in itself. In other words, it will become an attractive choice to the right women.

In practical terms, I see something like this:

Men, in dealing with the flaming rubble of today, have had two basic approaches:

  1. Adapt to the flaming rubble. Become King of Bartertown. Basically, this means: have six girlfriends in rotation, each of which you can dispose of quickly, if necessary.
  2. Check out of the flaming rubble. Go your own way. It’s the best way not to get burned. No “relationships” and no marriage. Don’t waste enormous amounts of time, energy and resources on women who will never amount to more than yesterday’s pussy and today’s STDs. The only thing that lasts is the problems they create. Enjoy your time with your guy friends. It’s the only pleasure you will find in this hellscape. Bros over Hoes. Put your head down and work, and you can probably retire by 45.

Those trying to “conserve” marriage and family have tended to default to: “Wife up those worn-out whores and single moms with a passel of thugspawn.” This was tried for about 20 years, and didn’t work. There is going to have to be a period of triage, where those women who are not capable of serving in the role of a Good Wife and a Good Mother, who are Unfit for Marriage, do not get married.

There has been a lot of interesting analysis over the past ten years, which is ongoing. TikTok has become a grand new source of raw insight into the female mind, and it has been making people queasy anew, even those who thought they had some understanding of today’s depravity.

What I think Helen is getting at is:

  1. Get up off your knees.
  2. Get your Patriarchy on. Anthropologists say that they have never found any conclusive evidence of a matriarchal society in all of human history, at any time or any place. There are only strong patriarchies (male leadership), weak patriarchies, or ashes.
  3. Tell the Bitches What To Do.

Women, as Helen Roy relates, are conformists. They take the shape of their “container.” You have to give them something to conform to. You have to give them something to participate in. They can decide if they want to be part of your deal. Many won’t, but some will.

If you give them the Player/MGTOW spectrum, which is a lot of the Manosphere these days, and look at it as something to participate in or conform to — rather than a masculine strategy for dealing with a world of dysfunction — a woman would conclude:

1: I should be part of a harem, and conform myself to those expectations. I will have to support myself (this is not Polygamy), and then maybe get as much time with a Top Guy as I can manage.

2: These guys are telling me to leave them alone, so I will leave them alone. I will have to support myself. Maybe we will get together from time to time to relieve sexual tension, but don’t expect anything more.

This will conflict with their natural baby/nurturing instincts, eventually driving them crazy, soon followed by wine and prescription meds.

So, if anything is to be done, some men (not all) will have to provide a concrete, specific plan that a woman can participate in and conform to.

But, these women, not yet conforming to anything, are not naturally in the shape of Your Deal. There are a few TradBabes of the highest caliber, who do understand these things, and are not Fugly. But, not enough to go around. And, you will have to look hard for them. They are not on Tinder, or Instagram, or at the bar, club, or supermarket. They seem to be on Twitter. Among the rest of them, there are a few that might have a tattoo, and some debt, and been poked a few times, but are still capable of being a part of Your Deal, in a productive fashion, without strewing chaos and destruction everywhere.

But, those men who will take up the challenge, will have to “build.” What does this mean? Build a building? Mostly, it means The Word and The Law. It means making structures in your mind — or, Frame.

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