Write It Down and Forget About It

The last thing a man wants to hear when he gets home from work is all the other things he is expected to do — taking care of this, and fixing that. This can very easily degenerate into nagging, which does nobody any good. If they could, men would take their nagging wives, tie them in a sack, and throw them in the river. Many men conclude that they are better off doing almost anything else rather than being at home with a nagging bitch. They may become workaholics.

Nevertheless, one duty of a woman is to inform her husband of the things around the house that need attention. He might say: Take care of it yourself. Or, he might say: Hire someone to do it. He might do it himself, when he is in the mood to do so. Or, he might ignore it completely, considering it something not of high enough priority to bother with, compared to going fishing.

That’s his business. Your business is only to inform him of the issue. Sometimes, women might think that maybe he forgot about something. Probably not, but since it hasn’t been done yet, this is a reasonable conclusion. One solution is just to write things down, on a centralized list of things that deserve attention. Once it is written down, you don’t have to worry about whether he remembered. Mention it once and forget about it. It is now his problem.

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