Why Wives Have To “Submit”

“Submission” means something like an employee’s relationship with her employer. It means cooperating in a shared endeavor, a family instead of a corporation. Today, millions of women “submit” to their employers, but for some reason are irate at the idea of “submitting” to their husband. Part of the reason for this is that the womanContinue reading “Why Wives Have To “Submit””

Don’t Wait For Men To “Grow Up”

Often, women complain that men their age are disturbingly immature, or just not interested in marriage, at that time. Or, maybe they are just not financially secure enough to maintain a family with a stay-at-home wife. Women wait … and wait … and wait … and then, finally, perhaps around Age 32, men are readyContinue reading “Don’t Wait For Men To “Grow Up””

Some Stats on Egg Freezing and IVF

Women: Egg Freezing is some kind of sick joke. Just don’t do it. Have children, or do not, but don’t bother with egg freezing. I think there is a cohort of mostly upper-income professional women who become voluntary single mothers, from a sperm donor. A better path would be “natural insemination.” For one thing, youContinue reading “Some Stats on Egg Freezing and IVF”