Fit Moms

Apparently this is becoming common:

This is very dumb, but it seems like young women in particular can’t figure anything out (Matriarchy Does Not Exist), so we have to spell it out for them.

A woman’s physical attractiveness is primarily due to three factors:

  1. Diet. This means what you eat (food quality), not how much (calories). Single-ingredient foods. No processed foods.
  2. Exercise. Get some exercise.
  3. Beautification. Basic beauty skills. Nice clothes and a good hairstyle. Makeup is not really necessary. No tattoos, noserings, blue hair, ugly short hair, etc.

This is true for women whether they have children or not. A 35yo mother of four children who does these things, will look better than a 35yo childless woman who does not.

Recently we looked at MacKenzie Scott-Formerly-Bezos, who gave birth to three children (and adopted another). She was 23 when she married Jeff Bezos. Here she is in her mid-forties:

Paulina Porizkova, who, if there was a Guinness World Record for best body at Age 56 would be the winner, is a mother of two. She married at Age 24 and remained married for thirty years, until her husband died. Her first child was born when she was 28.

At age 42 in this 2022 performance, ballerina Svetlana Zakharova’s body is so dance-honed it is almost alien. She has one daughter, born when she was 32.

But I think that we are not quite talking about bodies alone here.

When a woman has children, she loses sexual appeal. She has baggage and complications. She is supposed to be married. Or, she is a single mom. She is thinking about childcare, not mating. She has better things to do than be too concerned about how she looks to other single men. Pretty soon, she is over 30 and then, over 35. This is a troubling notion to a lot of young women these days, who really are addicted to social media validation. Getting married and having children should mean shutting all that off.

Basically, it is the transition from Maiden to Mother.

Today, just as women want to keep their economic independence, so to they want to keep their sexual potential. They want to, at any time, go back to being an economically independent Maiden. Of course the clock is ticking on this. They need to cash in their potential for reality.

Many women do lose it after they have their first child. Many gain a lot of weight during pregnancy — not pregnancy weight but plain obesity — because they get even less exercise, and end up snacking on junk food all day for nine months. But, that is just sloppiness. If you want to regain a fit body after pregnancy, it doesn’t take that long.

And, you can just be beautifully pregnant. Your husband won’t mind.

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