Stay At Home Dads

Recently, there is a cohort of Stay At Home Dads, who do all the duties that Stay At Home Moms used to do.

Probably they didn’t plan on this. But, with children came a lot more work than they could handle while both working. Maybe the wife was making a lot more money, or the husband lost his job, or his wife got a new job that required a move to a new city, or maybe his wife just refused to quit working even though he asked her to.

Anyway, they became full-time Stay At Home Dads. They do all the normal stuff. Plus, they do all the “guy stuff” too — repairing and maintaining the home, taking care of the cars, taking out the trash, doing yardwork.

They discovered that this is very easy.

They make breakfast for the wife and kids. With their children in school (commonly), everyone is out of the house by 9am. There is about two hours a day of housework — cleaning, vacuuming, yardwork, grocery shopping, laundry, etc. They do all the cooking in the evening. When you cook every day, it doesn’t take long before these guys become junior Gordon Ramsays and Emeril Lagrasses. They think this is a lot of fun.

But, between 11am and about 5pm, they have a ton of free time. They have a good time with this. They go mountain biking, they play tennis, they hang out with their friends, they do their hobbies.

It is a very cushy life for them.

When their wives get home from work, everything is in proper order and a great meal is on the table.

At no point do they ever complain about their cushy lifestyle, or ask their wife to “do their share of the housework.” They never complain that their wife “is never around.”

Since they can get everything done during the week, during the weekend they mostly just play with the kids.

Of course, their wives hate this.

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