Some Stats on Egg Freezing and IVF

Women: Egg Freezing is some kind of sick joke. Just don’t do it. Have children, or do not, but don’t bother with egg freezing.

I think there is a cohort of mostly upper-income professional women who become voluntary single mothers, from a sperm donor.

A better path would be “natural insemination.” For one thing, you can choose the father more reliably. For another, it a lot cheaper and also more fun. Elon Musk has the right idea here. Good genes.

I know men with an IQ of 160+ ( 1 in 10,000+ level), and probably in the top 10% for looks too. They should have more children. Fifty seems like a good number.

This would require some legal means of formally removing the father from any child support responsibilities. I think an upper-income woman can probably find an adequate legal solution. The existing adoption laws might work. Basically, you would adopt your own child; or, the father would “put the child up for adoption.”

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