Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones, former Olympic athlete and professed virgin, is still single at 40. She gets a lot of flack for this. I find it rather unfortunate. Here is a woman with a lot of virtues: a virgin, among them, looks good, many fine character traits, and apparently enthusiastic about marriage and family. This would put her in the top class of Wifey women, except perhaps for her age. Someone should have stepped up for that one. While I think we have to accept these days that perhaps 70% of women are not fit for marriage, we should Take A Stand with the Top 30% that are, and this would certainly include Lolo Jones, at least an under-35 Lolo.

Here she was in the past:

For a woman that is a hurdler, and bobsledder (thus the shoulders), and not specifically an IG model, that’s pretty good.

I’m sure we could have a long list of “things she did wrong,” including “too picky.” Obviously, something must have gone wrong. But it was probably not being “too picky,” or not just that. Mostly, I think, an incompatibility with the “dating” path to marriage, and being a virgin. She would need a man that would marry her without kissing first.

On the bright side, if you are that kind of guy, maybe you could have married the younger Lolo Jones.

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2 thoughts on “Lolo Jones

  1. There is no way THAT woman has not had multiple marriage proposals. If anyone gets the chance, lets ask her. Hands down, she is too picky. I might add the possibility of her low libido? What teenager wants to keep waiting to have sex till past 40? Something is wrong here and it is unlikely the man/men.

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