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Lori Alexander writes that high-achieving professional women are complaining (do they ever stop complaining?) that happy marriage has become elusive for them.

“Getting a top job dramatically increases women’s chances of divorce, even in egalitarian countries. Why isn’t it the same for men? Having a successful and enjoyable career alongside a fulfilling romantic relationship is a life goal for many of us. But even in the most gender-equal countries, finding a partnership that lasts is trickier for high-flying women than men…Female medical doctors, police officers and priests who progressed in their careers also followed the trend.” (Source)

Don’t you love the language here? Among women with a bachelor’s degree, divorce is initiated by women 90% of the time. I would guess that the effective initiation rate is higher than 90%, maybe 95%. In other words, divorce arises from womens’ bad behavior perhaps 95% of the time, even if men are the legal initiators (men get sick of their crap).

Nevertheless, it’s always someone else’s fault. Not theirs. In other words, Matriarchy Does Not Exist. Even among this select group of high-earning, highly capable women, we find the perennial failure to take any responsibility. The only odd thing, at this point, is that men still expect women to act like men. They won’t.

“Finding a partnership that lasts is trickier…” As if it was something rare that had to be found “out there.” The statistics suggest that men are the instigators of divorce perhaps 10% of the time. Since the divorce rate among college-educated women is about 35%, that would mean women have a 35%*10%=3.5% risk of divorce based on mens’ actions. In other words, a 96.5% success rate. They would have a good deal, if they didn’t screw it up.

Why would divorce risk increase when a woman “gets a top job” (has a career advancement)? Since it is women initiating these divorces, this means that a high-earning woman becomes more likely to initiate a divorce. I think we all know the answers to that.

We’ve seen that, even back in the 1990s, about 43% of high-earning corporate women failed to get married in the first place. This was when 92% of White women got married. 57% did get married, but that will be lower going forward, probably under 40%. Then, we have more of these higher-earning women then divorcing. What a shitshow! No wonder men don’t want to marry these women.

If you are a high-earning married woman, get a housekeeper.

If you are a brainy, capable woman, find a man that makes decent dough, stay at home, and have a lot of children. Your genes are more valuable than anything you could do in an office.

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