Old and Ugly

It’s tough for women to get old, especially if you are ugly. Mostly, we have been giving a thumbs-up around here for women who were beautiful in their youth, and are still keeping it together as they pass 40. These are good examples to follow for all women. But, we have to give a special both-thumbs-up for women who were actually ugly in their youth, but now look great over 40. Winning!

In this elevated class, we have Mackenzie Scott-Formerly-Bezos.

Here she was in the past:

It is rare to see a woman that ugly, who is not also obese. She also seems to have many excellent qualities and virtues, which is probably why Jeff stuck with her.

With the help of a pro photographer, I sorta get it.

Here she was in her mid-forties:

Still not a cover girl, but she stuffs a dress like a boss!

And here, more recently (Age 52), no makeup, no clothes, no filters, no stylists. Not a beauty, but healthy, slim, and cheerful. And, with many other virtues. I bet she can still stuff a dress when she needs to.

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One thought on “Old and Ugly

  1. A manosphere assertion is that in the world of internet dating, a $200 dollar hairjob is worth more than a college degree for women. Also, short hair is a 2-3 point deduction on a 1-10 scale.


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