Don’t Wait For Men To “Grow Up”

Often, women complain that men their age are disturbingly immature, or just not interested in marriage, at that time. Or, maybe they are just not financially secure enough to maintain a family with a stay-at-home wife.

Women wait … and wait … and wait … and then, finally, perhaps around Age 32, men are ready to marry; or, if they are not quite interested in marriage, at least they are attractive marriage partners for women. But, then they are interested in younger women. Because, a woman of 30 has a number of problems; among them, what the heck has she been doing over the past 15 years?

Basically, this arises from the notion, among women, that men should be about the same age as them at marriage, or a couple years older. This seems to arise from high school/college. It’s fine if you actually find a man around your age that is a good fit for marriage. But, if you don’t, then look for older men, probably around Age 28-35, and maybe up to 40.

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