Cane Caldo on the “Purity Movement”

The now-dormant Cane Caldo recalls the “Purity Movement” among many Christians. It seems to have been very effective at keeping highly eligible young men and women from marrying each other. In general, women are the ones delaying marriage, but they’re getting an awful lot of help from their fathers. From the secular view, this primarilyContinue reading “Cane Caldo on the “Purity Movement””

Divorce in the Nineteenth Century

When we think about divorce, we usually have the idea of Before and After no-fault divorce, which began around 1969. This led to a huge rise in divorce. This is the “crude divorce rate,” which is a simple ratio between the number of marriages and divorces in a given year. It is about 50%. But,Continue reading “Divorce in the Nineteenth Century”

The First Sexual Revolution

The “sexual revolution” beginning in the 1960s was actually considered, at the time, the “Second Sexual Revolution.” This is to distinguish from the “First Sexual Revolution,” which began in the 1890s and encompassed the 1920s. This was the adoption of “dating,” (basically, premarital sex) instead of Courtship. It also had a corresponding contraceptive technology, whichContinue reading “The First Sexual Revolution”

The Eternal Side-Chick

This YT video from “Better Bachelor” illustrates some basic Red Pill concepts (mentioned in the 2006 paper “Sexual Utopia in Power“), in simple language of the sort that a 14 year old girl can follow. Basically, women are naturally attracted to the Top 20% of men. This is normal. But, the Top 20% of menContinue reading “The Eternal Side-Chick”

It’s Easy To Get Married (If You Try)

Amazingly, about 92% of all White women in the U.S. have eventually married. If you consider all the land whales, the blue-hair nosering feminazi nutjobs, the lesbians, the sluts with arm-sleeve tattoos, the career girls who waited too long, the handicapped, autistic and other sorry tales, the abject idiots, and all the other things thatContinue reading “It’s Easy To Get Married (If You Try)”