Love the Solution

Love the Solution. Don’t Hate the Problem.

The problem with Hating the Problem is that you spend all your time focusing on the problem, instead of focusing on the solution. We focus on the way things are, rather than the way they could be. We say “women are like this and that,” and not “women should be like this and that,” which is possible, because women were like this and that in the past. We say “the laws are this and that,” and not “the laws should be this and that.” The analytical phase of the Red Pill (2006-2018) has been useful, in identifying the problem. This is a necessary step in establishing a Solution that is likely to work and produce beneficial outcomes. But, I think this process has largely been completed. It is interesting to me that there is wide consensus on what the solution is: basically, it is the way things were done in 1900. The core elements are: daughters live at home and remain virgins until marriage; marriage is organized with parental consent and activity; women get married around 16-25 and ideally around 18-20; after getting married, women live with their new husbands. This is not only the way things were done in the Christian world for centuries until 1900, it was also the way things were done for centuries in the Islamic world, India, China and Japan — basically, all the successful civilizations that have ever existed. (I am excluding civilizations in their Decadent Age, such as ours today or Rome during its decline.)

One of the interesting things is that this solution has been embraced by people who are not particularly religious and not particularly conservative. I would include, for example, Stephen Molyneux or RooshV, or myself. For one thing, there is, today, nothing very “conservative” about this: it would involve a radical change in the way we do things.

I myself have had some problem in expressing this solution, except in an outline form as above. But, that is not enough move people. It is What; but not Why. (Fortunately, How is easy here.)

We can update this pattern somewhat for today. A woman can pursue a working career, but mostly after the children are out of the house. A woman can even — arguably — leave a marriage after the children are grown, and become a libertine if she wishes. This is not the best outcome, but it is perhaps not such a bad one, in moderation. Of course, it might not be so much fun after the age of 50. But, you wouldn’t have any children of single mothers result. Also, a woman who wanted to do her own thing would have to leave all the assets of the marriage with the husband; or, at the very least, come to a mutual agreement with the husband, that doesn’t involve the coercion of the State.

I will have more to say on The Solution. But, for now — I am speaking especially to those girls and younger women who have a strong sense that doing things the way everyone else is doing them leads into a swamp of troubles — I would recommend reading Fascinating Womanhood for a good guide of what to do, and why.

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