Great Wives of Empire

Women need role models that they can emulate. What would a great wife look like today?

Ragnar: “It’s fun to crush these helpless feminist sluts, manginas and soyboys.”

Helga: “They have collapsed into decadence and degeneration. The future is ours.”

Ragnar: “We tried to warn them that Cultural Marxist stuff was a scam.”

Helga: “The fools only got what they deserved.”

Ragnar: “Upon their ashes we will build civilization anew.”

Helga: “Let’s drink a toast to that, and then go make some babies.”

Among YouTubers today, the woman who reminds me most of Helga is:

Rebecca is now married and a new stay-at-home mother.

George Washington was hailed as the finest dancer in Virginia. Follow a  modern girl who experience… | Martha washington, Trip the light fantastic, George  washington

George: “Well, what do you think, Martha?”

Martha: “Independence. Definitely.”

George: “It would mean going to war with the most powerful military in the world.”

Martha: “Just grab your nuts and do it, George. I’m with you on this. Our children, and our children’s children are going to live in freedom.”

The YouTuber who reminds me most of my imaginary Martha Washington is:

She is now married. I hope some children are on the way soon.

Henry: “The British Empire is a wonderful thing, don’t you think?”

Alice: “The natural outcome of diligence, discipline, Liberty, Christian morals and chastity.”

Henry: “Quite right you are, my dear.”

Alice: “Our sons and daughters will rule a quarter of the world’s population. We must raise them with every effort.”

The YouTuber that most resembles the quiet, domestic discipline and Christian morals of the English-speaking peoples at their peak is:

She is now a stay-at-home mother of five.

These are the kind of women men need today. The rest of you bitches are just a booty call.

Stay-at-home mother of six. Once her children had grown up, she got a law degree at age 54, and wrote 26 books. She did “have it all,” but in the correct order.

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