Give People Money (Today)

This is your periodic reminder to Get Up Off Your Ass and give some money to organizations that are working in your favor.

Today, men are pathetically inactive in the political process. I don’t think women are very active either, it’s just that feminist organizations get a lot of money from New World Order/Cultural Marxist types. There is general consensus that two things need to happen:

The laws and legal standing of men, vs. family court, divorce, “sexual assault,” domestic violence (Duluth Model) etc. have to change.

Women’s behavior has to change; this is directly related to the incentives provided by the legal system.

Today, we will focus only on the Political process. This is mostly State law. It involves two things:

Write a letter to your State congressional representatives describing the changes you would like to see in the legal standing of men and laws regarding divorce, domestic violence and other “relationship” issues.

Send MONEY to a policy organization working in your favor. I suggest $25.

I recommend only one organization: the National Coalition for Men ( When they have plenty of money, then we can move on to other organizations.

Send MONEY to the public “influencer” — blogger, YouTuber, etc. — that best represents your interests. Again, I suggest $25.

Among bloggers/intellectuals involved in these matters, I suggest:

Paul Elam (

Warren Farrell (

Coach Greg Adams (youtube)

Sandman (youtube)

Of course, you can choose whoever you like.

If you did this earlier this calendar year, then you can take a break. But, you should write a letter and send money at least once per year.

If you are a little more serious, you can set up a policy organization in your State. This is mostly State policy, so it should be done on a state-by-state level (or even local level, since a lot depends on the implementation and enforcement of laws). A lot can be done on evenings and weekends. Then, you can ask other people for money, which might be fun. We probably have enough “influencers” now, so instead of Yet Another YouTube Channel, how about establishing the Indiana Coalition for Men? Look first to see if there are any similar organizations in your state.

That’s it!

If you are not willing to do that, then you deserve what you get. People who act like slaves are soon treated as slaves.

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One thought on “Give People Money (Today)

  1. Note to readers.
    There are lots of great people and organizations that desperately need money, but there are also a lot of charlatans too. So don’t give money blindly. Do a little research to make sure the recipient entity is truly who/what you think it is, and that the leadership will actually use your donation monies for the purposes you expect.


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