Another Reason To Look For Young Wives

If a man is looking for a wife — and I can understand why many do not, but some do — there is another reason why he should look at women in the 16-25 range. This is already the prime range, due to youth, beauty, fertility, and a shorter history of degeneracy and damage. But, I have said that I estimate that about 20% of American women today make good wives. Probably there is another 20% or so that could make good wives, if they had good guidance and things worked out right. But, these “good girls” often get corrupted and damaged along the way.

Let’s say that 30% of women are too Fugly to be considered — we will leave those to the equally Fugly men. (About 20% of 16-24 year old women are clinically obese, and another 20% are overweight.) Another 30% are already, by age 18, destined for whoredom, and already too hard to fix. This may be because they are the daughters of single moms, got a lot of practice in high school, or get their ideas from popular music. (If it seems that I am being too harsh, these numbers are almost the same as traditionalist dating coach Deanna Lorraine offers in Make Love Great Again. She says 20% of women are sluts, and 40% are fugly, leaving the same 40% that are “dateable,” by her standards. But, “dateable” is not the same as marriageable, and I am being nicer to the Fuglies than she is.)

These 20% of women that make good wives are those that are capable of a stable, long-term, monogamous, loving, mutually-beneficial relationship. Because they are capable of that, this is what happens. These women typically become involved in a stable, monogamous, happy relationship with the man they will eventually marry sometime before age 23. Often, it is someone they meet in high school. So, if you were looking at available 18-year-olds, it would be about 20% of that cohort. Or, even 40% if you take my assertion that many women start off good and go bad along the way, eventually becoming bad wives. But, if you were looking at 25-year-olds, it would be perhaps 5% of that cohort. By the time women get to 25, nearly all the good ones are already gone. The second group — the ones that started off good — are often too damaged by age 25, due to their sordid sexual histories, emotional damage, hormonal burnout, accumulating resentment, careerism, feminist brainwashing, or all the other influences common today. Some women start off as good wives, but after perhaps ten good years of marriage, they become corrupted.

Here is a nice horrorstory, which came from the comments of one of Lori Alexander’s recent posts:

Any answers here should be interesting.
As a 59yr old widower, I can speak from personal experience and from what I have heard other men and women say.

Quote – For women, it’s a result of emotional deprivation: the husband is too wrapped up in his job or his hobbies or whatever else to give his wife the time and attention she needs. 

From what I have heard women say over the years, that is SOMETIMES the reason but not the major reason. It seems like what women say is that her husband will only get sex if he behaves according to her standards and he will get sex on the wife’s terms. And the women laugh when they say that. But those terms do not apply to the man she is having an affair with. With that man, she is the obedient woman submitting to all his sexual desires. Whenever, wherever and however he wants it. So in my experience of hearing people talk, the husband being too wrapped up in his work, buddies or hobbies is not the main reason for a wife to start an affair.

Quote – For men, it’s almost always a result of a sexless marriage. 

From what I hear men say, I will agree with that quote. I hear many men say that before marriage their wife was always giving him sex and that she was initiating the sex as often as he was. Then once they are married, she quickly stops wanting sex and refuses him. I hear this from young men to even older men in their 70’s. Sadly then, this withholding of sex after marriage by the wife is not a new thing, nor is it a rare abnormality. 

What is it about a woman that as soon as she says “I do” then her sex answer is “I don’t” ???

From my own personal experience with my late wife of 13yrs marriage. I was 40 and she was 35 when we married. There was NO sex before we married. We talked about sex and what we expected after the wedding. She had told me numerous times that she would never ever tell me no to sex and that she would be my every desire.

Well we got married and it turned out she KNOWINGLY scheduled the wedding for her period. Her “I’ll never say no to sex” to me turned out to on average being 1x every 3 months and often up to 5-6 months without sex and it was on her terms of wanting it in the complete dark and her on top. And that sexlessness was from the very start of the marriage. 

Well long 13 yrs into a short post, I have found out that she was never faithful to me from the very start of meeting her. From the start of courting her and during our marriage, I have found out about at least 5-6 affairs that each lasted months. Her “I’ll never say no to sex” she kept her word to those other men. And it did not involve being in the complete dark and her on top. The men I have found out about are all “bad boy” types and would of treated her like dirt. Reminds me of the previous post about “50 shades of gray” and women wanting a man who treats them like dirt.

As for the emotional deprivation women say causes them to have an affair. My late wife said I was smothering her with attention. I would come straight home after work to be with her. I did not go out with the guys, no separate vacations, I worked 4 days a week for 10hr shifts, off 3 days a week. She saw my paycheck, which was then put in the bank and she saw the bank statements of where every single penny was spent. 

For the record. I was never unfaithful to her. I have been offered sex many times since becoming a widower but I want a biblical wife, not just physical. The women are only wanting sex with no commitment. And 50% of the women coming on to me are married, with a big plainly visible wedding ring on their finger. They are not even trying to hide the fact they are married. They just want sex with other men, but not with their husbands………

This sort of thing is surprisingly common. Even with 40% of children born to single moms today (25% among whites), I don’t think this level of depravity is common among 18-year-olds. It is learned along the way, in this case, by age 35. Yikes!

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One thought on “Another Reason To Look For Young Wives

  1. They are not even trying to hide the fact they are married. They just want sex with other men, but not with their husbands.

    Ezekiel 16:32 You unfaithful wife! You desire strangers instead of your husband.


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