Get Up Off Your Ass

This message is for: men.

Waaaah waaah waaaaah. The Manosphere these days is worse than a roomful of bitches. We know, basically, what the problems are, as explored in great detail by the MGTOW people:

  1. Laws and legal standing of men.
  2. Women’s behavior, influenced by the laws.

Remember Dalrock’s definition of Feminism:

Dalrock’s Law of Feminism: Feminism is the assertion that men are evil and naturally want to harm women, followed by pleas to men to solve all of women’s problems.

And what do MGTOW people do today?

MGTOWism is the assertion that women are evil and naturally want to harm men, followed by pleas to women to solve all of men’s problems.

Mostly, this takes the form of pleas that women should change the laws, or at least, help change the laws. Along with that, we can add the treatment of men in organizations (corporations, universities) which are institutional policy, the “laws” of the institution, if not exactly legal statue.

This is not an unreasonable reaction. First, men are simply accustomed to feminism, having been stewed in it all their lives, so they fall into these patterns naturally. Second, it is clear that feminist groups (women) have had a lot of influence on institutions and also actual legal statute, in part because they constitute at least 50% of the vote, and when you add the Manginas, White Knights and Male Feminists you tend to get a majority.

But, that is not what we do around here. Remember our principles:

  1. Get up off your knees.
  2. Get your Patriarchy on.
  3. Tell the bitches what to do.

I think it is worthwhile to recognize that the common Feminist approach actually acknowledges, or assumes, Patriarchy. It is the typical behavior of a wife to a patriarchal husband. They complain and then ask the husband to make it better for them. Because, the Patriarch has the control and command. Wives moan to their husbands to make it better for them, but husbands do not moan to their wives to make it better for them. Nope. The man is on his own. He has to fix it himself. These are the responsibilities of leadership.

If a man actually does whine to his wife, and begs her to make it better for him, and (seething with disgust) she actually does so, I can guarantee that the man will not be happy with the outcome. Remember, Matriarchy Does Not Exist.

Today, “Patriarchy” is distributed, in the form of democratic Republicanism. (We can lament, perhaps, the fact that women are allowed to vote.) Thus, men have to act collectively to get things done.

We today have a Very Big Problem with failing to Get Up Off Our Ass and act collectively. This means big, big, big groups of people. On the Conservative side, the National Rifle Association is a good example of a highly effective, well-funded, broadly-supported institution that aims to achieve certain policy goals. Men’s Rights issues (issues regarding the legal standing of men, such as in family court, or regarding domestic violence or “sexual harassment”) need a similar, Big Fat Pushy organization, or several. The NRA had about 5.5 million members giving $170 million in funding in 2018, mostly from small contributors giving less than $100 each.

Leading Men’s Rights organizations should be similar: with ten-million-plus members, and funding in excess of $200 million per year (which is only $20 per person for ten million people).

We have a major problem today of men who want to sit on their ass and complain, but don’t want to do anything even so minor as giving $25 to some existing Men’s Rights organization that is actually working in their interest to fix those problems. More broadly, this is known as “self-government.” If people are incapable of self-government, then someone will step up and govern for them. You won’t like that one bit, I guarantee.

Fabius Maximus has had many excellent comments on this topic.

January 8, 2020: Films Show Our Problems And Why We Can’t Solve Them

So, today, we begin the process of building up the NRA of MRA. We can complain that the present Men’s Rights Advocate groups are sickly and ineffective, or are perhaps missing some important points or going in the wrong direction. But, a big pile of money would help solve that. And, if they did not put this money to use effectively, then some other person could step up and make the argument about how they will get things done much better. But, that other person is not going to step up if even the existing organizations can barely pay the electric bill.

So, our assignment today is:

  1. Give $25 to the politically-active Men’s Rights organization of your choice.
  2. Give $25 to the YouTuber, blogger, or other intellectual leader who best represents your interests.
  3. Write a letter to your State Assemblyman and State Senator (as appropriate) describing your grievances and what changes you would like to see to State laws.

It doesn’t really matter if you may think these people are somewhat mediocre, or not quite something that you are excited about. The important thing is that You Got Up Off Your Ass. You have set the example for other men to get up off their asses too. You have put some money in motion. Later, as you learn more about various organizations and what they do, maybe you will find a better recipient for your money. But, send some money now, and leave that research for the next time.

Now, to make this clear, I mean Really Sending Some Money, not just thinking about the idea of sending some money, and Doing It Now. You can also send more later, but send some now, even if you are not quite sure what you are doing. This is mostly for your benefit, to practice becoming politically influential by teaming up into large, effective, well-funded groups. Getting Up Off Your Ass is not the whole process of getting to your destination, but it is always the first step.

Today, I will recommend only one group active in public policy: the National Coalition for Men ( Go there and give them money.

Among bloggers/intellectuals involved in these matters, I suggest:

Paul Elam (,

Warren Farrell (

Coach Greg Adams (youtube)

Sandman (youtube)

No doubt you can name some that are more to your liking. Just pick one and give them money.

The last assignment is to write to your State Representative and Senator (both). Most family law is State law, not Federal law, so it is determined at the State level. Your State Congressmen are very easy to access and are glad to hear from you. The Massachusetts State House of Representatives has 160 members, among a population of 6.9 million, or 43,000 people per State Congressman on average. Plus, he is always nearby, in-State. The average Federal Congressman has over 700,000 constituents, and also, he spends half his time in Washington DC.

Find out your local State Representative, and write him a letter. It can be a short letter, simply stating your stance. (“I am against no-fault divorce.”) You can write something longer, with reasoning and statistics. Remember, you might know a lot more about it than him, so explain what you know. It is easy to put graphs and pictures into a letter these days. Or, you could refer to a book that you feel represents your position.

I write letters to my State Representative and Senator from time to time. They have always written a personalized letter back to me, referring to the topic in question, their stance, and how they voted on the issue.

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