The Stay-At-Home-Daughters Movement

Traditional Courtship is not just “Dating” without sex. For one thing, the Feminist Life Script (get a college degree, get married around 28-30) doesn’t make much sense when you take the premarital sex out of it. That’s why people never did it that way, except for a few leftover spinsters.

Apparently, there is a “Stay At Home Daughters Movement,” which revives one of the elements of Traditional Courtship — young women live at their father’s house until marriage. Often, in better families, they would continue their education at home. These days, you aren’t going to get much of an education at a university anyway, including Princeton and Harvard, so if you are going to learn anything at all it is likely to be on your own time.

Time Magazine on the Stay At Home Daughters Movement

Wikipedia on the Stay At Home Daughters Movement

I will have more to say later about how a Stay At Home Daughter might educate herself. But, the basics are:

Read the Harvard Classics. All of them.

Read the top 20 or so pre-1910 novels

Among other things, these daughters will learn about Traditional Courtship, which is important since they have no living examples.

Now, to restate the obvious, the goal of a stay-at-home daughter is not to stay at home. The goal of a stay-at-home daughter is to get the heck out of your father’s house, by marrying a man.

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