It’s Easy To Get Married (If You Try)

Amazingly, about 92% of all White women in the U.S. have eventually married. If you consider all the land whales, the blue-hair nosering feminazi nutjobs, the lesbians, the sluts with arm-sleeve tattoos, the career girls who waited too long, the handicapped, autistic and other sorry tales, the abject idiots, and all the other things that should be hard disqualifiers, it appears that nearly every woman who wants to get married, and meets the lowest imaginable qualifications, is actually successful. I think that we are now entering a time when perhaps 30% of White women will never marry, which still means that 70% do, but that is so different than what we have had until now that it will be shocking.

Women today complain that it is so hard to find and keep a man. This is, of course, not true. Something that 92% of all women do can’t be that difficult. The difficult thing is for women to marry a Top 10% Man, who still falls a good deal short of the Top 1% Man of her princess fantasies.

But, most women don’t want to marry. Yes, they want to marry eventually, and eventually they want to get married. But, not today. They are focused on school, on career, on being a party slut, on “experimenting” or “exploring,” “being a free spirit,” on trying to convert a man who is absolutely not going to marry her, or on marrying a very low-probability man; or, just considering it, if the chance arose. Usually, women have an “epiphany phase” around age 28, when they decide that marriage has become a priority; but they still do not want to marry enough to take the kind of action that has a high probability of leading to marriage in a year or two. Their Ask is still way above the Bid in the marriage marketplace. It is like someone who wants to sell a house for $750,000, when an identical house next door just sold for $275,000. “I really want to sell this house!” they say. “But, I will never, ever settle for less than $750,000.” Riiiight. In every neighborhood, there are houses that have been listed on the market for 5+ years, while other houses in the same neighborhood change hands every day of the week. It is obvious to all that these people do not actually want to sell their house.

For girls and young women: you may see your older sisters repeating these patterns. They don’t want to get married, right away. They want to enjoy their options. But, no matter what they say today, nearly all of those girls will want to get married eventually. They will want it so bad that they will actually do it, even though, by that time, when she is older and has way too much mileage and baggage, a sensible man probably should leave her be.

Obviously, nearly all women eventually Hit the Bid in the marriage marketplace, because they do actually get married. I would guess that, once a woman is actively seeking marriage, and is actively ready to accept what she can get, that it doesn’t take very long to be successful; and that almost all women eventually do this. In most cases, I don’t think it takes more than about 4 years from the time the woman actually wants to get married, in real life, to get to the actual wedding day.

Unfortunately today, most women today make terrible wives. Men should not marry these women. Increasingly, they won’t. But, that is another story.

I say this mostly for girls and younger women. You are going to see your older sisters get chewed up in the meatgrinder of “dating,” “relationship drama” and the Cock Carousel. It might seem like there is a long, perilous path to marriage, with much trauma and wreckage. Soon, it is going to seem a lot longer and more perilous, because the failure rate is going to go way, way up. But, that is not true. If you want to get married at 16, you can probably be married at 18, and you can probably get a pretty decent man because the Marriage Marketplace Value of a debt-free eighteen-year-old virgin without tattoos, who is healthy and slim and has other basic virtues, is pretty high. Even in a time when — let’s say — 50% of women eventually fail to get married, which will seem like a total catastrophe, the 18-year-old debt-free virgin will have no problem. I wouldn’t say that many men, who are ready for marriage, are actively seeking such women today, but they do know the value of one if she crosses his path. But, you have to actually want it, today, now. It will only be harder when you are 34.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Easy To Get Married (If You Try)

  1. If it gets bad enough, someone (some women) might beg for polygamy, but they wont be likely candidates. (Its the cow to cattle issue).

    There will have to be voluntary social change and some type of dynamic event to change things, (but I sure as hell know that there wont be a heyday return, btw we never had one).


  2. Just discovered your blog, courtesy of Jack over at Sigma Frame.

    I think this is ultimately going to come down to, first, a question of how many young women truly desire to live Christ-following lives in the midst of the current collapse, where the false gospel of Churchianity (which is focused on convincing people that they can still keep on foot in the World) reigns supreme. The second question is whether or not large numbers of women will recognize the ugly inferno to which the world’s life script is a path and take steps to avoid it at a relatively early age.


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