The Eternal Side-Chick

This YT video from “Better Bachelor” illustrates some basic Red Pill concepts (mentioned in the 2006 paper “Sexual Utopia in Power“), in simple language of the sort that a 14 year old girl can follow.

Basically, women are naturally attracted to the Top 20% of men. This is normal. But, the Top 20% of men (or, what remainder there is after some of them marry) are only available if they do not commit to any one woman. Some Top 20% men do commit, in the form of marriage or LTR, and so they are no longer available. So, women naturally select those Top 20% of men who do not commit.

As we have seen, the idea that 80% of the women can marry 20% of the men (or really, the Top 5% of her princess fantasies) is a persistent error that women, in generation after generation, seem to have no ability to perceive.

These non-committal men do not marry, and do not form LTRs (“boyfriend/girlfriend” exclusive monogamous relationships of some permanence). Thus, the women who are attached to them do not get marriage or LTRs. They are a step lower: basically, a Friend With Benefits. Perhaps, one of several. Or, even if they are the only one, the man does not form an emotional attachment to this woman, probably as a matter of principle. She is disposable and replaceable.

Women end up in an eternal cycle of being a temporary side-chick. Maybe very temporary. They never want this; but it keeps happening. She gets “ghosted.” She is continually frustrated at getting dumped by the guy who has several other women in rotation to replace her. But none of these women will ever get him; that is why he is available in the first place.

This is what it looks like:

This is where it goes:

Unfortunately, a woman on this cycle does not get better and better over time; in time, she is able to attract lower and lower value men, even as a side chick. Also, she typically destroys any potential she had to actually be a good wife, mother, or even girlfriend. Although these women often find their Captain Save A Ho, or “settle,” the results are usually horrible. Men should not marry these women, if they know what is good for them. Total wreckage.

The way out of this cycle is “boundaries.” One common method is to insist on a period of time (three months, eight dates) before having sex. This usually tires out all the guys who just want a booty call. But, then you might become a “girlfriend.” Whoop de doo. Traditionally, the “boundary” was marriage.

Guys: I know how stupid it is to suggest to women, who are basically worn-out hoebags after too many times around the Side-Chick carousel, to insist on eight platonic dates when, during the decade when she was at her youngest and hottest, she gave it up in the bathroom of a dance club to someone she met twenty minutes earlier. Basically, you should avoid those women. But, some women will learn from others’ mistakes, and take a more productive path from the start; and, we need to give these women something to go on.

Women: The other side of this — better think about this, women — is that, it makes sense for any guy to be the Guy Who Doesn’t Commit. Forget about marriage. You don’t want to play Captain Save A Ho to some burned-out slag heap who spent 15 years in side-chick rotation. Forget any girl (over the age of 25) who “settles” for you. It probably won’t go well. Just get some of these Side Chicks for yourself. Avoid One-Itis. Spinning Plates. If you can’t do that, or don’t want to, just forget about it. Do something else. Go your own way.

It would be better if you just look for a husband to begin with, get married young (18-20), and have children. This worked for hundreds, even thousands of years. Whether you spend your ten most fertile years on the Side-Chick Carousel, or whether it is one long, dry Season of Singleness, or even if you find the man you will eventually marry, but don’t get married, but instead spend years “dating,” how is that better? It isn’t.

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