You could break down young women’s options into: Married/Unmarried, Working/Stay At Home, Children/No Children. Let’s see how they look.

Married/Working/No Children = DINK. (“Double Income No Kids”) Lots of income and free time. But, the path to a family is unclear. Having become accustomed to two incomes and no children, are you ready to transition to one income and children? Can you? This DINK period might be a good time to pay down debts.

Married/Working/Children = Working Mother. I don’t recommend it.

Married/Stay At Home/Children = Stay At Home Mom: The best option, for children, for mothers, and men usually like it too.

Married/Stay At Home/No Children = Woman of Leisure: It’s nice being a Trophy Wife. But, Women of Leisure typically get bored, and then they cheat on their husbands while they are away at work.

Unmarried/Working/No Children = Corporate Workerbee: Fine until you want to have children. Tends to become “married to the corporation.”

Unmarried/Stay At Home/No Children = Single Woman of Leisure: The traditional state of women while living at their Father’s house before marriage.

Unmarried/Stay At Home/Children = Welfare Queen: Married to the government.

Unmarried/Working/Children = Single Mom: I don’t recommend it.

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Happily married, with children.

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