Married to the Corporation

When a woman follows the common Feminist Life Script — go to college, get a job and career, and maybe, somehow, get married and have a family — she commonly ends up Married to the Corporation. At least she is not Married to the Government, the common outcome of many women with less educational or career attainment.

Perhaps some women would deliberately choose this. But, I hope that most women would not. So, if you don’t want that, don’t do it.

What purposes does a Husband serve for a traditional stay-at-home wife? First, he provides a Frame — a system in which she functions. She has a home and family, and certain duties and responsibilities, and so forth. She is not aimless or idle. Her husband typically takes care of making the money, from which follows food, shelter and so forth. Her husband provides direction and leadership. At some level, the husband provides security and protection. There is someone she can rely upon for those purposes. The stay-at-home mother does not have conflicting allegiances. She does not attempt to serve Two Masters.

You could look upon this marriage as a sort of employment. It is more intimate than that, but nevertheless, at a basic economic level, the woman labors for the benefit of the family and perhaps community, and receives her sustenance, security and protection from the family (husband) in return.

In a similar way, you could look upon the typical full-time employment as a sort of marriage. The corporation provides a Frame — a certain set of expectations and duties. Show up at work at 8:30, lunch at noon, work until 5pm or perhaps later if it is needed. Instead of working for the benefit of the husband, children, family and community, the woman works for the benefit of the corporation and its shareholders. The outcome of this labor is not the prosperity of the family, children, community and nation, but instead, net profit. In return for this labor, the corporation sustains the woman, in the form of a salary. The corporation can also serve in some role for security and protection — and we find women today increasingly pushing corporations (and governments) toward protecting women from “sexual harassment” and other such discomforts; a role once taken by husbands, fathers and brothers.

Given that these basic needs are met by the corporation, not the husband, it is no surprise that a woman’s first allegiance is to her employer. A husband may be useful in forming a family and for raising children; but, he might be more useful, in her eyes, if he would just leave her alone and send a check every month. Most childcare these days is done by the public school system. Here, the government takes the role of the wife, while the mother is off acting like the husband. Many divorces begin when the youngest child is old enough to be dropped off at school in the morning.

A woman who is married to a corporation and to a husband also does not serve two masters. The corporation always comes first. Does a woman ever refuse the commands of her corporation? Does she ever show up at 11:00 am because she feels like it? She does not. She is always obedient to the last letter. She is “submissive” to the corporation. From this, it is no surprise that submission to the corporation tends to be accompanied by a notable lack of submission to any husband, by these women.

Being married to the corporation has its downsides. The corporation is overtly exploitive, and does not care much for the woman on any intimate level — not the institution itself, or its representatives such as her immediate superior. The corporation will give a woman no children and no family. There is little community and no nation. There is only endless labor for the benefit of the shareholders. The corporate workerbee has far less freedom than the typical housewife, who is largely free to arrange her day and manage the household as she sees fit.

I don’t think a woman can be easily married to both a corporation — or a career, a series of corporations in a pattern of serial monogamy — and a husband. A husband works at the corporation to sustain a family. It is because of his labor that the family can be formed and maintained. When a wife works at the corporation, the family is destroyed. I hope that some women will recognize where this leads, and divorce the corporation.

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