Sexual Utopia in Power

Sexual Utopia in Power, by Roger Devlin, was a paper published in the Occidental Quarterly. Published in 2006, it is still perhaps the best single expression of the “red pill” today. Reportedly, it is the origin of the word “hypergamy.” I offer this particularly to women, as an introduction of the analytical principles which have led me and many other men to our conclusions today, which are: doing things the way they were done in 1900 is a good idea. This is: Courtship, not “dating”; get married young (ideally 18-20); be a housewife; have children young, and plenty of them. You can do all that career stuff later, when your children are out of the house.

Although this is considered basic stuff today, I would also assert that this shows why men have the responsibility of identifying these problems, and fixing them. In other words, Matriarchy Does Not Exist. Women are still confused that 80% of the women can’t marry 10% of the men. This riddle has stumped them for the last fifty years, and it will continue to stump them forever (unless men tell them the answer).

Click here to read: Sexual Utopia in Power, by Roger Devlin

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