Advice For Girls #3: A Potential Wife

Girls: Remember our goals thus far: Get married young (age 16-25, ideally 18-20), so that you can have a full set of children before age 32. Find a good husband. Live at home with your parents until you are married. Don’t go to college (except possibly a nearby one that will allow you to liveContinue reading “Advice For Girls #3: A Potential Wife”

Advice For Girls #2: How To Get Married

As I described in our previous post, young women should have children during their peak childbearing years, 18-32 — that is, they should have their last children no later than around age 32, not their first. To do this, they should get married at age 16-25, with an ideal around 18-20. How is our youngContinue reading “Advice For Girls #2: How To Get Married”

Is Being a Housewife Boring?

The idea that being a stay-at-home Mom is boring, demeaning and inadequately challenging comes from the 1960s; specifically, Betty Friedan‘s 1963 book The Feminine Mystique. “Betty Friedan’s” real name was Naomi Goldstein. She had been a communist propagandist since her student days. She dropped out of graduate school to become a reporter for a communistContinue reading “Is Being a Housewife Boring?”

Ann Coulter on Why Women Should Not Vote

A selection of quotes from conservative author Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter, the far-right pundit and author of the new anti-immigration book “Adios, America!,” recently voiced her disdain for both immigrants and female voters on the radio show “Free Speech” with Gavin McInnes. While McInnes is himself an immigrant from Canada, he apparently had no problem bashing immigrationContinue reading “Ann Coulter on Why Women Should Not Vote”

Why Women Do Not Wish The Suffrage (1903)

From The Transformed Wife: In September of 1903, an article in The Atlantic called Why Women Do Not Wish the Suffrage, the author explains why women didn’t want to vote (only 4 percent wanted to vote in a poll taken). They knew their highest calling was in the home and raising the next generation. They wanted their entireContinue reading “Why Women Do Not Wish The Suffrage (1903)”

How To Save Western Civilization

Here is Roosh V on “How to Save Western Civilization.” I’ve had a front-row seat in the culture war for over a decade, but I haven’t made any big policy declarations like other movements. Men’s rights activists have their “family law reform” platform. The MGTOW group has “legalize prostitution and invent realistic sex bots.” TheContinue reading “How To Save Western Civilization”

Making a Business of Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

A stay-at-home Mom could have a home-based business of some sort. But, having your own business is no easy thing, and not everyone is suited to it, especially on top of all the demands of children and family. Nevertheless, there are two “businesses” that a Stay-at-Home Mom can easily do. They are: daycare services, andContinue reading “Making a Business of Being a Stay-at-Home Mom”