Advice For Girls

I have said that one of our purposes here was to tell women what to do. Women naturally do what they are told anyway — they pick this up from social norms and their social circle, authority figures like teachers and professors, the media, their parents and so forth. Unfortunately, much of what women are told to do these days is horribly dysfunctional. Much of it is dysfunctional on purpose — this is Cultural Marxism. Women themselves seem to have little capacity to understand this dysfunction, or remedy it. They rely upon men for this.

Matriarchy does not exist.

Thus, we are telling them what to do because women are relying on us. If we men fail to tell them what to do, or fail to tell them to do something that is functional and beneficial, then women blame men for the problems in society. Have you noticed this? “It is not my fault,” women say (they say this all the time today) “because I did what I was told to do.” And … they are right. One of the consequences of Matriarchy Does Not Exist is that it is Men’s Fault if things do not go well.

But, it is best if we begin telling them what to do at a young age, so we are really addressing girls here, of the ages roughly 12-16. So, I will speak now to these girls.


Much of what you are told — by your teachers, your friends, older girls, the media, the role models in television or movies, and even your own parents — is horribly dysfunctional. If you follow these directives, you will cause great harm to yourself, and also, along the way, to your husband, children, the other men in your life, strangers who have to pay for your mistakes, and society as a whole. Millions upon millions of women have tried to follow these rules, and the result is wreckage and destruction — single moms on welfare, broken families, wrecked men who were raped in divorce court, children without fathers, heavy taxes to pay for all this catastrophe, children who were never born because they were murdered by their own mothers, diseases, huge swathes of single middle-aged women who can’t get through the day without prescription antidepressants, working women who can’t manage to get married, children neglected because Mom abandons them each morning to go to work, men who simply cannot trust any woman not to cause him harm and destruction, women who cannot trust any man not to abandon her, and on and on and on.

I have now warned you. If you do that, and you get the same results as millions and millions of women before you, then it is now your fault, not mine.

If you want to avoid this fate, then you will have to do something else. Who knows what to do? In the past, it would be your Mother; but, typically, only if she herself followed this pattern, so it was mostly a matter of rote and repetition for her. Such Mothers are rare today. Thus, today we will rely mostly on older men, over forty, with some experience and insight, to chart a new path through the wilderness. Ideally, this is your father. But, if you don’t have that sort of father, or you don’t have a father, then you can get help from other older men. Among this group, who is charged in all societies with making such decisions, a new consensus is emerging. I have described it here on this website. Actually, it should be familiar, because, in large part, it is the way things were done, in the West and actually in all advanced societies, for centuries until about 1920.

The most important thing for young women to do is to bear children, and raise them. This is a simple matter of biology: a woman’s peak childbearing years are 18-32. Not all women have to be moms, but most of them do, because societies that don’t bear children cease to exist. The future belongs to those who show up. But actually, nearly all women today want to marry and have children. They just don’t figure it out until they are 29.9999 years old. All the women who ever bore children did not do it out of some felt obligation to “society,” but for their own purposes and satisfaction. If you really think you are one of those women who is not meant to have children, then don’t; just don’t blame me later if you change your mind.

Several things follow directly from this. A woman should be married before she has children. Children should be raised in an intact nuclear family. Thus, to bear children while young, a woman should get married young. Traditionally, women got married in the ages 16-25, with the ideal around 18-21. Fortunately for women, this corresponds with a woman’s peak physical attractiveness (which is directly tied to fertility — even former supermodels lose their appeal over the age of 35), and also, a woman’s highest levels of what was known as “innocence and purity.” Nobody much wants to marry a man known for his “innocence and purity,” but this is vital for a woman.

Marriage sanctifies sex. In other words, sex within marriage is a good thing, and far preferable to a marriage without sex; sex outside of marriage, although it has some appealing aspects, also brings problems, difficulty and destruction. Thus, the best thing for a young woman is to avoid sex before marriage; get married young; and then have lots of sex with your husband.

Thus, our goals are: get married young, to the best husband you can get (typically 3-10 years older); have a full set of children before age 32; avoid premarital sex; maintain “purity and innocence.”

From this, it makes sense to live at your father’s house until marriage. Then you don’t need a job. Your father will maintain you before marriage; and your husband will maintain you afterwards. If you come from a lower-income family that really needs your additional income, you can work but still live at your father’s house.

A woman can certainly be educated, but this education should happen at home. A woman probably has plenty of free time while she is living at home with her father, so this would be a good time for study. Much of this can be done independently (self-study), or with the help of a tutor or mentor.

But, a woman should not go to college. Not much education happens at college; “purity and innocence,” along with virginity, are inevitably lost; four years of peak fertility and marriageability are lost (getting married while in college, once common, is nearly unheard-of today), a woman’s mind is filled with the most destructive Cultural Marxist garbage, and often, student loan debt introduces a big fat reason for a man not to marry this woman until she pays it off, which often does not happen until after 30. We might make an exception for a local college that a woman can attend while living at home. But, colleges today are so dismal that a young woman would still be better off studying on her own.

This might seem like it is risking an awful lot on finding a willing and attractive husband. This can be a challenge; but, you have the ages 16-25 to do it, and these days, not a lot of competition from other women. It is also a challenge to get into a good college and then get a good job from a good employer afterward. But, after all that, you still aren’t married — you still have to find a willing and attractive husband! — and now you have a ton of student debt. Even if you didn’t have the debt, and you did get married, now you should have some children; which means that you should quit your job. Which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense does it?

Now you are a young wife with a full passel of children. That should keep you busy. Be a good wife, a good housekeeper, and a good mother. I recommend homeschooling.

If you have children young, then they will be out of the house before you are fifty. Then, you can have whatever career you like, without any conflict with children and family. You could probably begin the process of getting vocational training (from a school for example) while your children are high school age.

Inevitably, there are some women who are just destined to become Hollywood actresses, or doctors. Some women will inevitably choose career over family while young. Like all choices in life, this will require sacrifices and produce consequences. Don’t blame me if you don’t like them. Most women today would be better off if they followed this script, rather than the dysfunctional feminist career-girl/party slut script that they are following today.

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