Advice For Girls #3: A Potential Wife


Remember our goals thus far:

Get married young (age 16-25, ideally 18-20), so that you can have a full set of children before age 32. Find a good husband. Live at home with your parents until you are married. Don’t go to college (except possibly a nearby one that will allow you to live at home; but today even that is not a very good idea). Maintain chastity until marriage. No “dating.” No boyfriends.

Quite a lot is riding on finding a good husband, which means that you must get the attention of an attractive, high-value man, and also, he needs to be willing to marry you; and not only that, to marry without being a boyfriend/having sex first.

This is not so easy, although it is also not so hard as many girls make it. First, you should be slim and attractive. This is mostly a matter of diet and exercise. Eat good food and exercise regularly. It really doesn’t matter what sort of body type you have, as long as you are slim and healthy. Just being slim and healthy, and making some effort at beautification (at least, avoiding intentional uglification) will put you in the top 30% for your age group; and if you are in the 16-25 age range, you will be in the top 10% of women who are actively looking for husbands, who are mostly over age 28.

Remember, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise, and being slim and healthy (and sexy) will continue for the rest of your life. It is not just an act you put on to bag a husband, and then later you go back to Doritos and ice cream. It is something that you will teach your children. So, learn it now, and you will have something to teach them.

This “beautification” can take a number of forms. I suggest wearing dresses of knee-length or longer. It is getting rare for girls to wear dresses at all, except for special occasions, but that also means that you would stand out if you did. For example:

Makeup should be naturalistic. Hair should be long and natural. No tattoos. No piercings except for earrings. No fake boobs, lip injections, botox, etc.

Examples of “slutty” clothing are everywhere today, but it is important to understand that the norms today are “slutty.” The message a man gets is: short-term fun but definitely NOT wife material. This is a high-end kind of slutty, but it is still slutty:

These are great-looking girls, but definitely NOT wife material — and guys can tell from one photograph.

I would even tend to avoid common swimwear. There seems to be a trend toward more modest swimwear these days. This stuff isn’t even uncommon now.

But, there is more to being top-class wife material than merely wearing some clothes. If you are going to jump right into childbearing and child-raising, skipping any career stuff, then it would help if you are enthusiastic about children and child-raising. Most women have a natural tendency this way anyway, but you can encourage it rather than suppress it. Keeping house — not just cleaning, but also decorating, which can include things like gardening — will be a major activity, so you should be enthusiastic about that. You can begin with your own bedroom, keeping it clean and decorating — decorating in an adult fashion, not teenybopper stuff. If you are a slob as a single woman without much responsibility, we can’t expect very much from you once you have all the demands of childcare as well.

We will add more to our list soon.

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One thought on “Advice For Girls #3: A Potential Wife

  1. I agree that posting immodest photos of yourself that look slutty, like the examples that you gave, will turn away the men who are serious about finding a woman who is wife-material, and will instead attract guys who are only looking for someone easy for them to pump & dump. The best men are going to want to keep a woman they can be proud of, not somebody trashy that they must inevitably share with the whole world.


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