How To Be A Babe

This is a message for girls.

With all the advantages given to pretty girls, and also how easy it is to be one, you would think that there would be more pretty girls around. But, unfortunately, the majority of American women today are fat and ugly. Specifically, 70% are obese or overweight, and that does not count those that are ugly for other factors, including bad dress, bad manner and intentional uglification including green hair and noserings.

This is good for those girls that are not fat and ugly, since they face very little competition, and natural beauty is in unnaturally short supply, and the advantages that accrue to beauty are thus increased even more.

I think that nearly any woman age 16-25 can be “beautiful.” Compared to a 35 or 50 year old woman, the advantages of raw youth are so great that you would have to be rather ugly not to be considered “pretty” during these years.

So, this is how to do it:

Basically, you have to be thin and healthy, and have a natural feminine interest in making yourself look good. By this I mean clothing, hairstyle, manner and so forth. You do not need to be a fashion expert or do amazing wizardry with makeup. You just have to master some basic skills, and not intentionally try to make yourself ugly. (Long hair please.)

“Thin and healthy” is the natural state of young women. This requires only two things: good diet, and regular exercise. Unfortunately, this has become rare today. So, you are going to have to do something that is different from what everyone else is doing, which is eating bad food and not exercising adequately.

By “good diet” I mean WHAT you eat, not HOW MUCH. Calorie restriction is generally unproductive. Your body will naturally maintain a healthy equilibrium if it is provided with good food, and you don’t binge.

If you want, you can use moderate calorie restriction during a short “slim-down” phase, and then discard it afterwards. But, you might find that, if your diet is very high in quality, and you are also exercising, you can lose a lot of weight while also eating all that you want. Carol Alt was one of the top models of the 1980s, with over a hundred magazine covers to her name. Playboy magazine called her “the most beautiful woman in the world.” Calorie restriction and daily exercise was part of her professional regime. She even made a series of exercise videos. This, she says, was an exhausting process, and left her chronically unhealthy. Later, she cleaned up her diet (going full Raw although including some meat), and found that she got better results while eating all she wanted and also exercising less.

There are, unfortunately today, too many seemingly-contradictory notions of what constitutes a “good diet.” Basically it is: natural, whole foods. Fruits, vegetables, and meats. Avoid all processed foods. Basically, “single ingredient foods” are best. If it has a package or a list of ingredients, avoid it (in principle, with some exceptions). For example: beef does not have a list of ingredients. Neither do pineapples, potatoes, paprika, or beans.

Avoid the Genetically Modified foods. Mostly, this means soy products, and corn products. Wheat has not been “genetically modified” in a laboratory, but it underwent many changes and seems to have developed problems from around 1980. That is the basis for the “gluten-free” (basically, wheat-free) movement today. Wheat today is not what it once was. It has the same name, but it is different.

We rarely eat soy and corn today except in processed foods. So, if you eliminate processed foods, you will also eliminate most soy and corn. If you really want to have something with soy or corn in it (tofu or polenta perhaps), then look for organic alternatives.

Avoid the White Foods. This means foods made from: white flour, white sugar, milk, and salt. Mostly, these are baked goods, and things such as pancakes. I would avoid all dairy, on principle, or at least reduce dairy substantially. Avoid large amounts of vegetable oils. If you are going to use vegetable oils, avoid frying (high heat), and look for raw oils such as olive oil. These are also referred to as “refined foods” (refined flour, refined sugar, refined oils).

Eat a lot of fruits: citrus, apples, pineapples, bananas, berries, grapes, mangoes, dates, figs, melons etc. Most people don’t each much fruit. One thing that is nice about fruit is that you don’t have to cook it. Mostly, you just stick it in your mouth.

Eat a lot of vegetables: potatoes, squash, beans, lentils, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, leafy green vegetables, broccoli, etc. etc. etc.

Eat some meat, if you want to, or go vegan if you want to.

If you are going to get very serious about developing a great body in not much time, I would do a Raw Vegan diet for six months. This means mostly raw fruit, with some other vegetables.

A lot more can be said about what a “good diet” might entail, but all the better proposals typically have these elements.

Now, exercise:

Get regular exercise. This can take many forms, including sports, dance, or hard manual labor. If you don’t know what to do, then consider a video workout program such as those provided by These typically take around 30-45 minutes per day, and are very effective. It costs $99 a year and you can do it in your living room. For maximum results, work out every day (which means six days a week with a recovery day).

That’s it. Good food and exercise.

The average girl today, if she wasn’t fat or intentionally uglified, would probably be about a 7/10, which is a pretty high score. Even a girl who was genetically undergifted would probably be at least a 5/10, which is not bad (“plain, homely”), and could probably move up to a 6/10 if she had a particularly hot body (works out every day) and took some care with hair and clothing.

5/10 to 7/10: A nice girl-nextdoor look, without the flab of the actual girl next door.

5/10 to 8/10: A somewhat average girl, but That Body …

2/10 to 7/10: Awesome accomplishment.

3/10 to 9/10: Maybe more of an 8/10, with a bonus point for presentation.

Maintaining a trim, healthy body with good food and regular exercise does not end after you bag a man on your wedding day. You should consider it a fundamental wifely duty, and also, something that you will teach your children. Probably your husband would get interested as well, which would be very advantageous for you.

Note to girls: Probably any girl who gets regular work as a fashion model should be considered a 10/10. However, in practice, the 10/10 rank is a matter of a man’s personal taste. Every time a man says: “That girl is a 10,” there are three other men, with different tastes, who will say: “That girl? She’s an 8 at best!” For this reason, men almost never use the 10 ranking.

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3 thoughts on “How To Be A Babe

  1. To me, the most striking difference in the before and after photos is how they changed from being common and uninteresting to being charismatic and glowing. It’s amazing how much their disposition and attitude has changed. Two of them actually look more friendly and happier. As for the woman in the last before and after photo, she seems to be a witch with a B in both photos, but she goes from being one that you would want to poke fun at, to one that you would die for. This change comes naturally with the self-discipline required for fitness training and dieting, and it adds immensely to their attractiveness.


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