Women in 1958

Here’s a woman who lives like it is 1958.

This video is interesting for a number of reasons. The 1950s were the last time that there was anything resembling traditional morality in the U.S. (although by 1900 standards, “dating” in the 1950s was dangerously degenerate).

If we set aside the period-correct details, what do see here? This woman is maybe a 5/10 at best, but she looks great — clothing, hair, makeup, manner. Probably real women in the 1950s did not make such an effort everyday … but maybe they should have. Beyond that, she also seems very happy to be a stay-at-home Mom. Her house looks great. She likes to cook. She takes good care of her son and husband. And she seems very happy, don’t you think?

Women today could learn a lot even from this short video.

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Happily married, with children.

2 thoughts on “Women in 1958

  1. Agreed; a woman that chooses to appear and act feminine will be very attractive and fulfilling; especially to her own husband.


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