Dysfunctional Women

This recent series of blog posts by “Sharkly” describes typical features of dysfunctional wives today. As bad as this is, it is probably even worse for many men who marry women that are not regular churchgoers, and very often, have a sordid history of harlotry as well.

I personally do not suffer from any of these problems. It helps that my wife is Japanese — not a guarantee of all sweetness and light, but from a country where women have not yet been driven completely insane.

I think this series of posts is helpful, first, for men, who can either relate to experiences much like their own, or, especially for younger men, to get some idea of common situations today that they do not yet have experience with; which explains one of the purposes of this website.

But, I think it is especially helpful for women. Here is a man of unusual virtue. Besides being good-looking and having a reasonably high socioeconomic standing, he has made many efforts at repairing the damage to his family within the context of Christian teachings. Since he himself obviously gets little benefit from this marriage, his interests are largely altruistic: the welfare of the children, and also, the betterment of his wife, who is otherwise stone crazy.

A woman reading this here should appreciate what bad behavior among women is today, and how this is encouraged by the Church, a woman’s social circle, and broader society. It thus serves as a kind of litmus test: a woman who condones this kind of behavior, making rationalizations and justifications — in general avoiding any suggestion that this or any other woman should be asked to change her behavior in any way — is, I would say, unfit for marriage, and should be avoided. She would also be unfit for a monogamous “girlfriend” relationship, which reduces her to lower tiers of the “relationship” hierarchy, which I would call: “friends with benefits” (nevertheless still a friend), “fuck buddy”, and “pump and dump.” Unfortunately, many of her apparent issues with intimacy may have arisen from a prior history of “dating”; basically, times when she aspired to at least a “girlfriend” status, but was discarded by other men without reaching that level. This is one reason why I recommend avoiding “dating” and sticking with “courtship” today. “Dating” ends up causing damage; and the damage can be severe.

Thus, a woman today should — I hope, without the need for external encouragement — be critical of this kind of behavior. In other words, a woman should look upon it much the same way that a man would look upon it.

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One thought on “Dysfunctional Women

  1. Correct training by the older women in church should be a given in any Christian church; Titus 2:3-5. Unfortunately, I have not seen it.


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