10 Things Every Wife Needs to Do For Her Husband

Mostly, husbands don’t need that much care. They can take care of themselves. Sometimes, women who want to be good wives go a little overboard in husband-care. That excess energy eventually goes into childcare. Nevertheless, this wife has the right idea, which is: Be productive. Do something beneficial to others.Don’t make problems. Don’t consume tooContinue reading “10 Things Every Wife Needs to Do For Her Husband”

Health Problems Among Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Children

If you start looking into what is actually in those vaccines, you soon find that they contain all kinds of unhealthy stuff, not really related to the vaccine itself. Thus, it should be no surprise that the result of injecting all kinds of unhealthy stuff into your babies is that they have all kinds ofContinue reading “Health Problems Among Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Children”

Wife of 25 Years Shares Her Wisdom

In the interest of providing good examples, here is a video from YT about “how to be a good wife.” Because, if you are not a good wife, then you are probably a bad wife, making some guy miserable for no good reason. I haven’t watched this video, but this woman is apparently a homeschoolingContinue reading “Wife of 25 Years Shares Her Wisdom”

Beautiful Girlhood, Winsome Womanhood

Here are two books from the past, recently updated. I haven’t read them, but they seem to be popular in Christian circles today. The first is Beautiful Girlhood (1922), by Mabel Hale. It is available in Kindle edition for $0.99 here. It was updated by Karen Andreola, available here. The second is Winsome Womanhood (1900),Continue reading “Beautiful Girlhood, Winsome Womanhood”

Raising Infants and Toddlers

The duties of a first-class mother of infants and toddlers are, for the most part, not so hard. You mostly just feed them and change their diapers. It doesn’t have the complexity and subtlety of homeschooling. Nevertheless, here are some principles, for the period from birth to about the fifth birthday: Breastfeed. If you aren’tContinue reading “Raising Infants and Toddlers”

Millions of Men No Longer Want to Get Married

Evie Magazine, for women, had a pretty good article that looks into the legal problems with marriage these days. Because … fifty years of men getting their guts torn out in divorce court, having done nothing wrong, after their dumb bitch of a wife says “I’m not haaaaaaaappy,” makes up some phony domestic violence claims,Continue reading “Millions of Men No Longer Want to Get Married”

Comment from an “International Beauty”

This was in the comments section of an item by Henry Makow. “In conjunction, the Illuminati has taught MEN to seek women who seek power and has destroyed men’s will to be spiritual leaders in a family or distorted their compass to lead via the porn culture. Speaking from experience, as an international beauty, I’veContinue reading “Comment from an “International Beauty””