Millions of Men No Longer Want to Get Married

Evie Magazine, for women, had a pretty good article that looks into the legal problems with marriage these days. Because … fifty years of men getting their guts torn out in divorce court, having done nothing wrong, after their dumb bitch of a wife says “I’m not haaaaaaaappy,” makes up some phony domestic violence claims, and steals his children, his money, and makes him a financial slave for decades afterwards, kicks him out of his own house to make way for her new fuckbuddy who sleeps in his own bed while his own children are in the room next door, while he has to call his old college friend to see if he can sleep on his sofa … does not matter to women. All is right and proper in the world, as far as women are concerned. But, finally, after men get a bit of a clue, and decide that they are not going to eat that shit sandwich … now it matters to women.

It’s working, men!

Men today actually want family and children. A few women will figure out that if they are men’s enemy — if these things do not matter to them, and in fact they encourage women’s legal advantages over men — then a smart man will not let them advance beyond the FWB level. You have to limit your risk. Unfortunately, this whole process will probably take at least another decade, and before it is over, I suspect that 30%-50% of White women (and men) will never marry. You can eat your shit sandwich all by yourself, girls.

Men today have two basic problems:

  1. Women’s behavior.
  2. The legal standing of men in divorce court.

Of course, one leads to another. A woman with good character will not break up the family unless it is really, really justified, no matter what the laws are; also, she will not give her husband any reason to divorce her, and instead give him every reason to keep a good thing going (hint: great food and hot sex). One-sided laws have tempted millions of women to do destructive things that otherwise they wouldn’t have done.

Today, since the laws won’t change right away, this means that a man who thinks he can beat the odds, so very badly stacked against him, has to find a woman with very, very good behavior, or character — for example, a woman that will not divorce him because “I’m not haaaaaaappy” (no good reason at all). You have to be very selective, and even then, it is a roll of the dice since who knows what a woman will be like in 15 years.

These being the problems, the best kind of woman today is easily identifiable:

  1. Very good behavior. Wants to be a good wife. Values family. Heaps scorn upon women who treat their husbands badly and divorce for no good reason.
  2. Wants to see change in the legal system to make marriage a viable proposition for men again.

Are you this kind of woman?

If not, then you still might be able to get married, but only to a man who is too stupid to know what he is looking for.

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2 thoughts on “Millions of Men No Longer Want to Get Married

  1. I’ve long contended that ALL women in the western world today –or so close to all that the outliers are statistically irrelevant– are de facto feminists, if not de jure. All of them, whether or not they call themselves feminists, have gained spillover benefits from the battles fought and won by the militant feminists over the last 50 years. These benefits include no-fault divorce, on-demand abortion, Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity set-aside quotas in employment, financial independence for married women (what’s his is theirs, but what’s hers is hers – although she can abuse and destroy her husband’s credit and finances and he’s powerless to stop her), mandatory paid maternity leave, and marital rape laws, to name just a few.

    So how do we know that all western women are de facto, if not de jure feminists? Because there currently exists in the western world NOT ONE organized effort or campaign by women to oppose or reverse these destructive “benefits.” Nor have any women of any prominence or influence publicly urged other women to not avail themselves of these marriage and society-destroying “benefits.” Even “Christian” women are all for these “benefits,” seeing them as “Plan B’s” if they decide that their “Christian faith” is insufficiently empowering and an impediment to chucking the husband and family that no longer makes them “haaaaaaaaaappy.”

    The most important thing any marriage-minded man can do is “fitness test” his intended to see how she REALLY views feminism’s gains. If your tests reveal that she chooses the World’s path for women over God’s, then waste no time in kicking her to the curb and down the storm drain.

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