10 Things Every Wife Needs to Do For Her Husband

Mostly, husbands don’t need that much care. They can take care of themselves. Sometimes, women who want to be good wives go a little overboard in husband-care. That excess energy eventually goes into childcare. Nevertheless, this wife has the right idea, which is:

Be productive. Do something beneficial to others.
Don’t make problems. Don’t consume too many resources.

If you do these two things, you will be a net value creator. You will be a producer, not a taker.

Still, she leaves out two important things, which are:

Be a babe. She obviously gets this one right, as she is a 9/10 girl, maybe 10/10 if she works out regularly.

Be a Sex Goddess. Since her first item is “touch your husband,” I am guessing she has this one covered too. Instructions here.

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