More Advice on How To Be a Good Wife

I guess there is a genre of young mostly Christian women making videos about how to be a better wife, and they are all at least an 8/10. Some of their advice is a little floppy, but if you start with the idea of “what can I do for my husband and family” it is almost impossible to go wrong.

As I have said before, being a stay-at-home wife without children is what I have called a “woman of leisure.” Husbands don’t require so much attention that they should occupy very much time. Often a new house will benefit from a round of serious decorating, in preparation for children later when there won’t be time to shop for sofas, plant daffodils or paint the bathroom. Learn how to cook. Get in the habit of working out every day. Learn about nutrition, and homeschooling.

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Happily married, with children.

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