Comment from an “International Beauty”

This was in the comments section of an item by Henry Makow.

“In conjunction, the Illuminati has taught MEN to seek women who seek power and has destroyed men’s will to be spiritual leaders in a family or distorted their compass to lead via the porn culture.

Speaking from experience, as an international beauty, I’ve met and dated some of the richest men (including Trump) in the world and “nice” Christian farmers from SD and everything in between. I’ve had many marriage offers.

There are probably a few exceptions but in general – only super rich men can afford/want stay home traditional wives but they also want mistresses – a’ la Trump. But at some point the rich men become old farts and just don’t have the energy to have a wife and a mistress. So they either divorce their wife and marry a young trophy wife or if they are divorced, they finally settle down and marry a “mistress” a’la Melania.

I’m Melania’s age and met Donald Trump about the same time she did. Like her I had many choices- marry a stinky old gross rich man who probably wouldn’t cheat /leave me as they are too old. Or take my chances with a man my own age. I chose the path of a traditional man my own age. After being the good wife helping him climb the success ladder (Ivana) I discovered his mistresses and cocaine habit. (I know so many good women in my shoes) My X tells me today that I didn’t drive him to cheat. I was the model good wife but he said the culture brainwashed him to not appreciate me and think he was a loser if he DID NOT have a mistress.

Now the “nice” middle class Christian men I meet, my own age, expect/demand I work. Only rich men can afford to support a wife and when a man is rich (or relative to the woman) he will choose a woman 20, 30 plus years younger then himself.

So a woman is stuck, if she wants a non-cheating traditional man she must marry a man 50 plus years of age when she is in her 20s-30s Let me tell you something -its a spiritual and biological fact- No woman can truly Love a man that much older. It is a calculated compromise for security, that kills a woman’s soul, it’s not out of a natural hormonal oxytocin passionate love.”

I complain about women a lot here, but here is (at least by her own account) a Total Package: 10/10, model wife, prefers to be a stay-at-home mom, supports her husband in his career. It is distressing that even such a woman has such difficulties.

Although, I might add that she apparently divorced him. Justifiably, perhaps. We don’t hear what cash and prizes she gained as a result, or what he thinks of this, or what her children think.

Jackie Kennedy stayed married.

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