How to be a Good Wife

Most American women these days do not make good wives. If a man could know what is in store for him, over the next 20+ years, if he married a certain woman, I think that men would not marry 80% of American women today. They are a net negative. Often, a total disaster. I think about 20% of American women today make good wives. By “good” I do not mean very good, extraordinarily good, but only that a man, upon taking stock of a lifetime (or not) spent together, can say: she was a net positive. In the past, I think this was the case 60%-80% of the time, but the odds are much lower today.

A woman who does not want to be a Good Wife, as a matter of principle, should not marry. Nobody should marry her. Avoid those bitches. They are unfit for marriage. Unfortunately, this is common today. There are enough women already who want to be Good Wives, but fail. All women who are contentious from the outset, the feminists or #metoo nutjobs, those who insist on control, the gold-diggers who are in it for their own personal advantage alone, should be avoided, at least for any serious relationship. They don’t advance beyond the Friends With Benefits level.

It is actually quite easy to be a good wife. I did a series on the Good Wife earlier, which gave a series of things of increasing ambition by which a woman can be a Good Wife. But, I think the most important things were in the first post, a Good Wife Level 1.

Being a Good Wife is not the same as being a good student, or a good employee, or a good daughter, or a good neighbor. A woman can be all of these, and not be a good wife. This is very common.

One of the best guides for How To Be A Good Wife is Fascinating Womanhood. Just this book alone is a litmus test. A woman who wants to be a good wife is often eager to learn how to do so. But, many women think that nobody can tell them what to do. They want “freedom” without responsibility. This “freedom” is not really freedom, of course. She had that as a single girl. It is “freedom” to insist that others serve her whims. It is the “freedom” to be a narcissistic piece of shit, while everyone around her must make self-sacrifices, conform to her demands, and clean up her messes. It is “freedom” for me-not-thee. It is the “freedom” to do anything, and have everyone praise her actions no matter what damage they cause to others, or to herself. A man should give this kind of girl her “freedom” to be a train wreck all by herself. She does not advance beyond the FWB level.

So, if you are the kind of girl that is averse to reading a book like Fascinating Womanhood, you are probably unfit for marriage.

A woman does not have to get married. It’s OK if you don’t. Nobody is insisting on it. There are many, many men who wish that you would stop bothering them about “commitment.” Enough for a lifetime of transient relationships. But, nearly all women — I would say, more than 95% — want to get married eventually. We know this because 92% of White women have gotten married, eventually, despite all the difficulties involved. It wasn’t an accident, like catching the flu, or getting pregnant. You can’t get married by accident. So, if you think that YOU are not going to get married … good luck with that. I hope you change your mind before it is too late. The regret that many women feel drives them to a lifetime of antidepressants. And if YOU think that you are going to get married, but that you don’t need to be a Good Wife … well, good luck with that. For men today especially, that is a Hard Fail. No man should marry such a woman.

The basics of being a good wife are:

Do something productive. Provide benefit to your husband, children, family, and community. This is not very complicated, but it is completely the opposite of what many women think their role as a wife is, which is: to consume. To have others provide for her. To gain personal benefits. To manipulate all those around her to her personal advantage, and their detriment. To create work for others. To consume the benefit of others’ productivity, time and attention. Basically, to be a princess.

By providing for others, and for the benefit of the family as a whole, the Good Wife will benefit herself. It is not a zero-sum game. When both husband and wife are producing, instead of consuming, the result is shared abundance. Children will naturally demand a lot of time, attention and resources, so both parents have to be productive to meet this need. This is the main purpose of marriage.

Don’t make problems. A wife should be productive, and not make problems. This is very obvious in the case of an employee, and most women are able to be productive, in the context of a job, and not make problems. However, for some reason, as a wife, they like to make a ton of problems.

I made a long list of common problems in The Good Wife Level 1. Here are more:

I like the writing of Henry Makow. He simplifies things: don’t compete, criticize, complain, or control. Note that these are all politics, not production. Some women think they can have everything they want in the world if they just complain enough. Mostly, they just make their husbands sick of their shit. A woman can take part in the decision-making process for the family. This may include disagreements. But, in the end, she has to accept her husband’s decision. Ultimately, a woman will only be allowed to take part in the decision-making process if she brings something beneficial to the table. If she just introduces hardship and trouble, then she will get cut out of the loop.

Excessive ambition. A woman can share her husband’s desire to be successful and have nice things. She can play an important role in the processes of achieving these things. But, if she thinks she is going to get everything she wants in the world — a nice house, children in private schools, fancy cars, international vacations — just by complaining a lot, then she is basically a useless piece of crap.

Spending too much money. Consumption rather than production.

Cheating. Blowing up the family.

Divorce/divorce threats. Commonly related to “I’m not haaaaaappy.” In other words, no good reason at all.

No sex. Attempting to control a man through withholding sex, or even just refusing because she is “not in the mood.” Once a week is a good commitment, even if “not in the mood.” And, what if you enjoyed it? Some women seem to have a principle of not enjoying it. Obviously, unfit for marriage.

It is easy to go on and on with these problems, but we can see that it is also easy to just not do these things. Any woman can manage to not do these things. If she also does something productive and beneficial to others, then she will end up with a positive overall score, and meet at least the minimum requirements of a Good Wife.

It isn’t difficult. But, you have to want to do it.

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