5000 Hours

In the TJed homeschooling method, which is very ambitious, “Scholar phase” includes about 5000-8000 hours of study of high-quality materials. Most people never get this, even those that go to top boarding schools and universities. So, it is recommended that parents who take this seriously give themselves the kind of education that they want to impart on their children. This means about 5000 hours of study. The TJed people recommend that this take the form of about 2 hours a day of study (mostly, reading books), Monday-Friday, or about ten hours a week, fifty weeks a year, for a decade.

Yes, you study two hours a day for a decade. You don’t have to, but the kind of parent who thinks this sort of thing is important for their child, is also the kind of parent who thinks it is important for themselves. So, if you are a young mother thinking about elite-level homeschooling of your children, this is something to begin thinking about, and then, actually doing. Being a full-time Mom isn’t just about cooking and cleaning anymore, is it? Once you start down this path, you will discover how poorly-educated most people are, including those that graduated from top universities.

The Classics list at TJed.org is a good place to start. Or, you might try this: The Well-Educated Mind: The Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had (2003), by Susan Wise Bower.

Many homeschooling Moms do this while their own children are studying. So, while the child is reading Little House on the Prairie, Mom is reading The Spirit of the Laws.

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