The Culture of the Single Millennial

This item on “The Culture of the Single Millennial” was good, although I think the situation is somewhat worse than presented here. That’s why I think that incremental changes won’t work, and people will have to basically do things completely differently. Read: The Culture of the Single Millennial One of the problems is: The goalContinue reading “The Culture of the Single Millennial”

Plant the Flag with the Family

I was at a party talking with a better sort of girl. Yes, they do exist. In 2021, she graduated from a Christian college in Manhattan. She was planning to return to her hometown in Georgia. After a few inquiries, I gathered that the main motivation was to meet up with her boyfriend — presumably,Continue reading “Plant the Flag with the Family”

Being Nice Without Simping

Women, as we know, are somewhat shapeless and formless by nature. They are blown about helplessly by their feelings and emotions. They have no principles. Women look to men to provide order, form, and direction. Women conform to the “container” provided by their surroundings, whether it is the men in their life — their fathersContinue reading “Being Nice Without Simping”

Stay At Home With Your Baby

I was talking with a friend whose daughter recently had her first baby. She was making $250,000+ per year doing marketing for pharmaceutical companies. She was planning to go back to work. But, she decided instead to stay at home with her baby. Her husband doesn’t make as much as she did. The household incomeContinue reading “Stay At Home With Your Baby”