Being Nice Without Simping

Women, as we know, are somewhat shapeless and formless by nature. They are blown about helplessly by their feelings and emotions. They have no principles.

Women look to men to provide order, form, and direction. Women conform to the “container” provided by their surroundings, whether it is the men in their life — their fathers or husbands — or organizations such as schools and corporations, or social pressures, or examples on television.

Thus, men need to provide this “container.” This is “leadership.” Or, it is “frame.” Basically, it means: Tell The Bitches What To Do. It may also include discipline and punishment. Sometimes, in the past, if they deserved it, men would take their wayward wives, tie them to a post, and whip them. No More Mr. Nice Guy. Women were not exactly unhappy about this — especially, if the women knew they deserved it.

Rather, women tended to be disappointed if they did something obviously wrong, and suffered no punishment. WTF kind of half-assed, limp-dick Patriarchy is this, anyway?

Unfortunately, many men today seek favor by conforming to a woman’s wishes. Basically, this is “simping.” First of all, you can’t “conform” to a woman’s wishes, because they change like the wind. There is no “container” to conform to. Women’s wishes are, you could say, limitless. Second, women hate this, because men are essentially acting in a feminine manner. Now there is no order, form and direction, because women can’t, and men won’t.

There are many reasons why men do this. For one thing, they spend nearly all their young lives conforming to women’s wishes — their mothers, and their teachers at school, who are mostly women. For this they are rewarded, while independent-minded men are punished. This does not produce strong men.

But, a man can certainly be kind, generous and loving to a woman, especially if she deserves it. Tell The Bitch What To Do, and then, if she cooperates productively, give her her just reward.

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