Stay At Home With Your Baby

I was talking with a friend whose daughter recently had her first baby.

She was making $250,000+ per year doing marketing for pharmaceutical companies. She was planning to go back to work. But, she decided instead to stay at home with her baby.

Her husband doesn’t make as much as she did. The household income will fall by 50%+. She doesn’t care. She figures that they will get by somehow.

Around here, we promote the idea of the stay-at-home Mom. Cut back on expenses if you have to. Some women will be offended by this. But, if you are a woman that actually wants to be a Stay At Home Mom, then do it!

Men sometimes have a problem with this. There was a time when even I thought my wife should go to work, on principle, even though we didn’t need the money. But, she refused. So, guys, go out and make some damn money, and stop complaining. You will be glad you did.

This woman really loves her baby. But also, working full time, plus commuting, is a damn grind even without children. This is harder for women. After not working for 12 weeks, I wouldn’t want to go back to work either. And what’s wrong with that?

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