The Culture of the Single Millennial

This item on “The Culture of the Single Millennial” was good, although I think the situation is somewhat worse than presented here. That’s why I think that incremental changes won’t work, and people will have to basically do things completely differently.

Read: The Culture of the Single Millennial

One of the problems is: The goal is not just to get married, but to stay married, in a mutually beneficial and productive fashion, that is conducive to the successful raising of children. Most women figure out, around Age 28, that what they have been doing isn’t working; or, maybe they just got tired of it; or, maybe they are just being kicked off the Carousel against their wishes; or maybe they are Single Moms. This is the Epiphany Phase. The problem is, it is mostly too late for those women. Their bad habits and burned-out pair-bonding potential, in today’s context where divorce is too easy and rewards women, and under the constant influence of social media and their real-world acquaintances, tend to make them Bad Wives. Men are better off not marrying them.

Wife up those worn-out Sluts, Hoes and Single Moms,” which was a common message from the Church and other Conservative pro-family corners in previous decades, has been proven to be a failed strategy. Finally, men have figured out what men in prior centuries always knew: You can’t make a Ho into a Housewife. This is now far more difficult even than it was then, due to today’s family courts. These girls are For The Streets.

27 was Not Too Old for Charlotte Lucas of Pride and Prejudice, who was from a good family and lived at her Father’s house. Presumably, she was a clean girl. But, today’s 27yo women are not like that.

A few women will reform themselves, and actually be Good Wives after their Epiphany Phase, from force of effort and following a good example, such as a book like Fascinating Womanhood, or Lori Alexander’s blog. But, this is a minority. Mostly, we will have to rely upon younger women, who will have to take the guidance of others since they do not yet have the experience to reach the Epiphany Phase on their own.

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