Places For Virgins To Find a Husband

So, I looked for dating sites and apps specifically for virgins (especially virgin women) to find a spouse for marriage, perhaps in a timeframe of about six months.

A search turned up two sites:, and

Both were started around 2010-2011. Both no longer exist.

Here is a list of “Best Dating Sites for Serious Relationships” as of 2021.

#1 is

#10 is Tinder, which tells you just how many dating sites/apps “for serious relationships” there are.

Part of the problem is “dating.” Dating is, actually, antithetical to getting married (“Courtship”), if you are planning to wait until marriage to get it on.

Waiting is not that big a deal, if you are only waiting for three or six months, from the time of first meeting — or, actually “courting” since you might have known someone all your life — until the wedding day. But, if you are “dating” in an open-ended fashion, it is not going to work.

So, it looks like what we need these days is not a “dating” website for virgins, but a “courting” website.

I think there are a lot of men, probably around Age 25-35, who might want to get a new car off the lot, rather than some ten-year-old rental car with 120,000 miles that everyone has taken for a ride around the block already. They would seriously consider marrying a virgin girl of perhaps 18 or 20, a few months after their first meeting.

What about virgin guys? That’s OK too, but mostly for younger men, perhaps also under 20. Basically, the “highschool sweetheart” scenario. Often societies make it possible for men to marry at such a young age. But, if a man is 25-35 when he gets married, which has always been common, then it is probably not necessary to expect that men are also virgins. Anyway, I don’t think our virgin girls would insist on it, although they are free to do so if they wish.

The reason for this is: previous sexual partners are far less problematic for men. Men tend to lose their pair-bonding tendencies over a much longer period, about 30 sexual partners. And, most men do not have this many sexual partners before they get married, even if they are 35, and especially in a society where most women are virgins at marriage. It was recently discovered that women retain the DNA (via semen) of all the men they have sex with. Nothing similar is known to happen to men. It is even hard to imagine how it might come about.

Some men do “burn out” their pair-bonding abilities. They tend to become nihilistic about women, who they see as interchangeable three-hole units to be used and discarded as appropriate. But, these men are rarely in the mood to marry, unless it is for money. Also, I think that even men who were libertines in the past, may come to a time when they are willing to undertake the building of a family, and are able to discipline themselves to that task, in a productive fashion. Anyway, if the 31yo Donald Trump (the age Trump was when he married 28yo Ivana Zelnickova) asked one of our 20yo virgin girls to marry him, they would probably say yes.

The main problem is actually finding such a girl. If you did find one, and you had a real life 18yo woman in front of you, with good character, from a good family, who could make a Good Wife and Mother of your children, who really was a virgin, and who might marry you if you asked, and who was also a total sex bomb, it wouldn’t be too hard to agree to that one.

What better option do you have, exactly?

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