I Wake Up At 6am And Make My Hubby Breakfast

Here we are in 2022, and apparently, for a married mother of three to actually get out of bed, and actually feed her family, is news.

This is apparently a disturbing development for feminist types, who also get up at 6am, and also make breakfast and clean, before heading off to work all day.

This “making breakfast” can get pretty Oppressive.

“Sometimes it’s scrambled eggs, some-times it’s an omelette for Phil,” she says. “I like to feed him properly and make sure he’s full until at least lunchtime. He can’t be powered just by toast.

“The older two children are fussy eaters so it’s never just something easy like cereal.

“It can mean sorting out a variety of different meals, like brioche and Marmite toast, pancakes and smoothies, to make sure they are all happy — but I’m willing to do it. It’s my job as a mum.”

There must be some Patriarchy or Toxic Masculinity in here somewhere.

But, the interesting part is farther down the article.

Despite going to an expensive private school in Ipswich — and getting 12 GCSEs including one A*, four As, five Bs and 2Cs — Bronte did not want a high-earning career.

Her decision to become a teen mother stunned many of her school friends, who now hold down big careers as lawyers and doctors.

“It broke my heart putting them into storage when I was about 12 but I felt, being in secondary school, I was too old to play with them.”

But becoming a mum was not all plain-sailing, because Bronte’s parents were disappointed with her.

She says: “I can’t lie, relations with my parents were tense for some time afterwards. They wanted me to go to university.

“But now we are in a good place and they dote on the children.”

She says: “My parents paid a lot of money for me to go to private school with the assumption I’d go to uni.

“Being a mum was all I could think about. Something was missing until I had her.”

Bronte, who quit studying A levels in maths, biology, chemistry and IT after a few months, argues that people who belittle young mums are foolish because bringing up children is incredibly hard work.

She says: “Years ago if you hadn’t had a baby when you were 20, you were considered to be a spinster, but now it is the reverse. It takes a very intelligent person to bring up children. I wouldn’t consider a career that took me away from my family.

“There’s so many people relying on nannies but I want to be there for my children.

“I have really high standards. I would not be able to split myself in so many ways and also be there for the children.

“People say I am wasting myself, especially because I went to private school.

“But I simply take a relaxed approach to education. I don’t think university is the most important thing.”

She should have got married first before moving in with her future husband, and maybe finishing her high school education, but nevertheless, this sort of thing apparently is now one step from running off to join the circus.

I caution that women who want to wait until marriage (they are virgins), and who want to be stay-at-home mothers, should abandon the whole Feminist life track. Get married around Age 18, and start making some babies. She has three children at Age 29. Probably, you are going to have to find a man over 25, who can support a family, and who also wants to; and who is not too ugly, or mean. Which is already not such an easy thing. And you only have one year before you are 19.

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