I Regret Being A (Low Grade) Slut

Bridget Phetasy brought a little hope to everyone who is waiting for women to get tired of being sluts, with all the predictable bad consequences. I’m one of those sluts. … It’s a tough needle to thread. I’m grateful for the ability to control my reproductive cycle and make my own money. But that freedomContinue reading “I Regret Being A (Low Grade) Slut”

Stay at Home

https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1561028301476577280.html This is why women lived with their fathers until marriage. How could it be any other way? It seems like people expect eighteen-year-old women to have the wisdom of forty-year-olds — while also having the libido of eighteen-year-olds, which even forty-year-olds don’t have to deal with. How to Stop the Fall of Women, atContinue reading “Stay at Home”

Executive Women and the Myth of Having It All

This article from 2002 describes the way things were in the 1990s. It is much worse now. Women: Just focus on getting married. Forget about the rest. The article ends, naturally, with a long list of demands that will supposedly make it possible to combine motherhood with a demanding career. Rather than understanding the implicationsContinue reading “Executive Women and the Myth of Having It All”