The Garbage Generation, and the Case for Father Custody, by Daniel Amneus

Two pertinent books by Daniel Amneus, available in free pdf download:

Take a stand with the family.

Only men and women who want to take part in the continuation of civilization need apply.

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3 thoughts on “The Garbage Generation, and the Case for Father Custody, by Daniel Amneus

  1. This weekend I read The Garbage Generation. What a devastating account of the state of society… thirty years ago. However, the book was refreshing and consoling. The most interesting aspect was that Amneus fundamentally agrees with feminists that civilization is built upon the regulation and oppression of women. But the stinger is that he asserts that such regulation and oppression are the only conditions that have produced (and could produce) civilization. 10/10 book recommendation. Only Esther Vilar’s The Manipulated Man was darker.

    It seems that my prospects for having a family involve yet more work. As a young adult, I thought being an athlete and an engineer would suffice to attract a woman to become my wife. Now I anticipate having to sift through women with bad backgrounds (e.g. my ex). Also, I must learn Game.


    1. I think these books are important for getting an idea of how things should be fixed. We are going to have to fix things eventually, and women aren’t going to be a help at all.


  2. I haven’t read either book yet (am about to do so), but I wonder if Dr. Amneus realizes that the destruction of the father-led, two-parent, intact family is deliberate policy on the part of the satanic social engineers who reign over us. Fixing this deliberately created mess is going to take much more than work involving faith and sociology. It’s going to mean resisting with everything we have the tyrannical violence that will be PTPB’s response to decent human beings’ attempts to undo their evil work.


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